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Lynn's Skywatch:
Planetary Illuminations for November 2012

11/1 Venus opposite Uranus
11/3 Venus square Pluto
11/6 Mercury turns retrograde
11/9 Venus trine Jupiter
11/11 Neptune turns direct
11/13 Solar eclipse 5:08 pm (New Moon 21 Scorpio)
        Mercury square Neptune
11/14 Mercury Rx enters Scorpio
        Chiron turns direct
11/16 Saturn trine Chiron
        Mars enters Capricorn
11/17 Mars sextile Neptune
        Sun conjunct Neptune
11/21 Sun enters Sagittarius
        Venus enters Scorpio
11/22 Sun square Neptune
        Venus trine Neptune
11/23 Mars square Neptune
        Mars sextile Chiron
11/24 Mars sextile Saturn
11/25 Venus trine Chiron
11/26 Sun square Chiron
        Mercury turns direct
        Venus conjunct Saturn
11/27 Mars conjunct Pluto
11/28 Lunar eclipse 9:45 am (Full Moon 6 Gemini)
        Venus sextile Pluto
11/29 Venus sextile Mars

All dates and times are for the Eastern time zone; please adjust for your own locality.  For daily planetary news, visit my Facebook and Twitter pages.


Three planets change direction in November: Mercury turns retrograde on November 6th for three weeks, and both Chiron and Neptune turn direct in mid-month. When planets appear to change direction from our perspective on Earth, they demand our attention and their influence can be quite strong as the planet appears to slow down before changing direction, just as a car does when making a U-turn. Mercury retrograde periods are famous for instigating communication and equipment breakdowns since our attention is drawn inwards and we tend to look backwards rather than forwards to make effective plans. When more than one planet changes direction, the quality of reversal and shifting reality becomes more pronounced.

Chiron and Neptune have been traveling in tandem since 2009, and they have been within five degrees of each other for nearly four years. During this time the Soul Teacher (as I call Neptune) and the Soul Healer (my name for Chiron) have worked together to bring the wounds of the subconscious and the spirit to the surface so that they can be healed and a deeper experience of Universal Oneness is the gift of these two planets. They will begin to separate now, but this month as they both change direction within a few days of each other we will likely encounter their lessons for one last time. Embracing painful wounds from the past so that they can be released is highlighted now so that we can continue to grow and evolve.

For the first two weeks of November the earth element is virtually unrepresented since there are no planets in earth signs other than Pluto. Earth is the element that grounds and stabilizes us, and with three planets changing direction and creating disequilibrium we are could find ourselves losing our footing and becoming unbalanced. Participating in activities that bring about an experience of grounding such as spending time outdoors in nature or doing physical labor that anchor us into the body.

Saturn makes the first of three harmonious trines to Chiron this month, a great ally in the process of healing and transmutation of wounds into light. The effect of this positive alliance will be felt all month making this a wonderful time for psychotherapy, shamanic journeys, inner pathworking.

We also will see the last eclipse pair of the year, with a total eclipse on November 13th at the Scorpio New Moon. It is generally thought that eclipses are most powerful where they can be seen with the naked eye, and this eclipse will not be visible anywhere but in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands. Still, the eclipse of the Sun by the Moon in Scorpio is bound to bring up issues of death and regeneration, encouraging us to dive deep into the underworld of the unconscious to find the treasures that are buried there.


Venus (relating, relationships) is in its own sign of Libra now which makes the delicate balance of “I” and “You” a focal point of our interactions. It is more important now that we find ways to get along with each other, and this longing for balance is stressed for the first few days of November as Venus opposes Uranus (independence and autonomy) and squares Pluto (intensity and power conflicts). This occurs just as Mercury turns retrograde, so expect communication challenges and plan ways to work through them. A harmonious trine to Jupiter on the 9th will help to smooth out any wrinkles and encourage more cooperation and generosity.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 6th and will remain retrograde until the 26th of November. The phenomenon of Mercury retrograde has become quite accepted in the mainstream since there is no denying the fact that communication and mechanical breakdowns are quite common during this period. It is helpful to avoid planning a vacation or making major purchases when Mercury is retrograde but that is not always possible. Still, being aware that Mercury is retrograde can help to avoid great stress when situations fail to work out as planned. We can simply laugh “Of course! Mercury is retrograde” and go on with our lives.

With Neptune changing direction (turning direct) on the 11th we will likely feel drawn to the creative and inspirational side of our natures. Meditation and prayer are important now, but so is music, art, nature and other activities that create a deep sense of inner well-being and a feeling of being connected to something greater. Neptune demands that we let go of what we think of as reality so that we can open up to a greater Universe of experience within us. With Neptune changing direction, these issues will become more important during the first two weeks of November.

The solar eclipse on November 13 occurs at the Scorpio New Moon. Since there is a lack of the earth element at that time, emotions will run high. Eclipses normally indicate an “unmasking” where something hidden is revealed, and in Scorpio we are digging beneath the surface to experience something deeper than we would normally reach for. Saturn (challenges and lessons) harmonizes with Chiron and Neptune at the New Moon which helps us to heal and move forwards without becoming stuck as Scorpio has a tendency to do.

Mercury (mental function) is in a challenging square to Neptune on the day of the eclipse which can cause us to become unfocused and scattered. This can be used to our benefit if we use the higher aspects of Neptune towards meditation and spiritual process rather than falling into the Neptunian fog. However, Mars is in Sagittarius which tends to be somewhat impatient and impulsive, so we will likely experience some inner resistance to the depth work that the Scorpio eclipse requires.

Chiron turns direct on the 14th. Don’t expect any significant occurrences on that day, but if there are relationships or emotional places where you have been stuck and working through the same issues over and over that will begin to ease now. Mercury has been in Sagittarius where there is a tendency towards more superficial thinking, but it will retrograde back into Scorpio on the 14th which will intensify the way we view our world.

The first of a series of three harmonious trines from Saturn to Chiron takes place on November 16 th, although its effect will be felt throughout the month. Saturn seeks to bring form into our lives, and the trine to Chiron seeks grounded ways in which healing and personal development can take place.

Mars enters Capricorn on the 16th which finally brings some much needed earth energy into the picture making it easier to be practical and effective in our lives. There is still some magic afoot on the 17th though, when Mars and Neptune harmonize to inspire adventure and creative ways to anchor ourselves in a positive experience of life. With the Sun conjunct Neptune that same day, the magic will be everywhere.

The Sun enters social and optimistic Sagittarius on the 21st just in time to begin party planning for the holidays. Still, with Venus entering Scorpio that day, for the next few weeks we will have to take our relationships and interactions with others more seriously.

Neptune is highlighted again on the 22nd and 23rd, interacting with the Sun, Venus and Mars to inspire us to think and behave outside the box. This is a tremendously creative time, but we are not as clear and focused as we might like to think we are. Use this period for creativity but if at all possible try to avoid decisions until the 24th when Mars and sextile form a harmonious alliance to help ground all of that creativity into practical form.

Chiron interacts with Venus and the Sun on the 25th and 26th to help resolve any unsolved problems or issues, but a conjunction of Venus to Saturn suggests that resolution could take some work, especially with Mars conjunct Pluto the following day. Between the 25th and 27th watch for power conflicts and easily hurt feelings which will slide into the lunar eclipse that occurs on the 28th.

Eclipses are said to occur when a lunation (New or Full Moon) occurs near the lunar nodes. The Full Moon in Gemini opposes the Sagittarius Sun and is considered a partial eclipse because the nodes are adjacent the lunation, but in reality they are 19 degrees away and in different signs which means that astrologically this really isn’t an eclipse.. Most Full Moons carry a strong emotional charge, but the Gemini Full Moon is all about information and curiosity. Any emotional experiences that arose during the previous few days will be caught up in a maelstrom of mental activity under this eclipse, and with Mars still conjunct Pluto the experience could be quite intense.

The Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Gemini which amplifies the thirst for information and communication, and Uranus harmonizes with both the Sun and Moon to offer innovative ideas and avenues of expression. Venus forms a harmonious sextile to Mars and Pluto which softens potential power struggles and strengthens interpersonal alliances. There is a strong watery emphasis with this lunation that helps to provide greater flow and fluidity in our experience.

A very positive note on which to end this monthly report. Have a wonderful November, however you choose to spend it.