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Lynn's Skywatch:
Planetary Illuminations for October 2012

10/2 Venus sextile Saturn
10/3 Venus opposite Neptune
10/4 Venus sextile Ceres
       Jupiter turns retrograde
10/5 Mercury conjunct Saturn
       Mercury enters Scorpio
       Saturn enters Scorpio
       Mercury trine Neptune
10/6 Mercury trine Ceres
       Mars enters Sagittarius
10/7 Mars square Neptune
       Venus opposite Chiron
10/9 Sun trine Jupiter
       Mercury trine Chiron
       Venus trine Pluto
10/10 Mercury sextile Pluto
       Saturn trine Neptune
10/14 Mars square Chiron
10/15 Mars trine Uranus
       New Moon 8:02 am 22 Libra
10/16 Mercury sextile Venus
       Venus square Jupiter
10/22 Sun enters Scorpio
10/23 Sun trine Neptune
10/25 Mercury sextile Venus
       Sun conjunct Saturn
10/28 Mars opposite Jupiter
       Venus enters Libra
10/29 Mercury enters Sagittarius
       Mercury square Neptune
       Full Moon 3:49 pm 6 Taurus

All dates and times are for the Eastern time zone; please adjust for your own locality.  For daily planetary news, visit my Facebook and Twitter pages.


The major planetary event over the next few years is the square between Uranus and Pluto which will remain with us throughout 2015. This is a cycle of intense global change and transformation, and many of us are experiencing these shifts in our personal lives as well.  Pluto governs the process of destruction and regeneration, and in Capricorn it is breaking down the structures of our lives which no longer serve us.  Uranus rules the need to break free of outmoded regulatory systems, and in Aries there is an emphasis on individual needs and the aggressive force.  You can see how when these two conflict with each other fireworks will emerge.

Saturn (planet of discipline and boundaries) is preparing to change signs, leaving the sign of Libra after about two and a half years to enter the sign of Scorpio. I will be writing more about that over the next few days, but since Saturn rules structure, discipline and achievement these areas will be colored by Scorpio’s intense focus and fearlessness. It is Saturn’s job to create boundaries and regulations, and in Scorpio those regulations are likely to be centered in the areas of sexuality, psychology and the occult – the areas of life which are described by Scorpio’s passion and desire to seek the Truth beneath the surface. During the time that Saturn is in Scorpio it will be difficult to try to lead a superficial life, and since this transit through Scorpio coincides with the period of the Uranus/Pluto square and the leaving behind of the old ways so that new pathways can be forged, we can see that any desire to flee or avoid the lessons or changes that come our way will be met with an intense resistance.

A harmonious trine between Saturn (structure) and Neptune (transcendence) culminates in the early part of October. This alignment has been building since late September and brings us a gift of integration between the practical structures within which our lives unfold (Saturn) and a creative intelligence and spiritual experience (Neptune) that takes us beyond the boundaries of our ordinary lives. This aspect will remain in effect throughout the month of October as Saturn is moving very slowly through the first couple of degrees of Scorpio.

Jupiter (representing our search for meaning and sense of faith and optimism) turns retrograde on October 4 th so its motion has already slowed down to a standstill in preparation for its change of direction. The energy of stationary planets becomes more focused and draws our attention to the energy of that planet, and with Jupiter in Gemini the quest for knowledge and understanding, as well as the ability to communicate it, becomes more pronounced for the first two weeks of October.

Planetary energies right now are primarily air and water, with a bit of fire thrown in but virtually no earth. Earth Is the element that creates stability and helps us to ground ourselves into the practical world. Without the ally of earth we tend to be less sensible, more easily swayed by ideas (air) and feelings (water). When Venus enters Virgo on on the 3rd we will feel somewhat more rooted, but not for the first few days as Venus opposes Neptune and then Chiron and seeks creativity and inspiration instead of a practical application of the earthly plane.


Venus (relating and attraction) is highlighted during the first few days of the month, interacting with both Saturn and Neptune. With this combination we seek to root ourselves into the earth plane (Saturn) while ascending beyond our ordinary reality into a world of wonder (Neptune). An active Venus suggests that relationships will be active as well – interactions with others take on a new importance and more of our attention. Venus also represents our values and finances, so this can be a positive time for both.

Mercury (mind) and Saturn (discipline) conjoin on October 5th as both planets enter Scorpio on the same day. This is likely to draw our attention to areas of our lives that need to be restructured. One of the symbols for Scorpio is the Phoenix bird which dies and is reborn from the ashes, and Mercury in Scorpio opens up the mind to witness patterns and experiences which no longer serve us and which need to be burned in the flames. A trine from Mercury to Neptune enhances creativity and deepens our ability to connect our spiritual connection to the world around us.

Mars enters Sagittarius the next day on the 6th, lightening the landscape but also making it more difficult to handle the relentless intensity of the planetary energy at work now. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and with Jupiter in a stationary period there is already a desire to step back and see the bigger picture (Jupiter/Sagittarius) rather than become bogged down in the details of the changes that our lives are reflecting. With Mars in Sagittarius for a few weeks we will be excited by thoughts of travel and expanding our minds in a variety of ways. If you have been dealing with intensity in your own life, take a break. Give yourself time to gain a new perspective by stepping back to observe the world around you.

The period between October 6th and the 10th contains a grouping of smaller planetary aspects that are relatively minor in scope and generally harmonious in effect. There is some tension on the 7th when Mars squares Neptune and the path becomes murky. Venus opposes Chiron that day which brings up all of the hidden issues in our interactions with others. This tension lasts only a day or two and is followed by a few beautiful days of harmonious trines that offer an unfolding of positive energy.

The trine between Saturn and Neptune culminates on October 10th. This entire week is a wonderful time to focus on a spiritual (Neptune) practice (Saturn) not only for the Saturn/Neptune trine, but also so that the integration of the other planetary cycles can really take root.

 Mars (energy, drive) becomes more active on the 14th with a square to Chiron that activates the healing force. Chiron’s healing doesn’t come through a magic wand like a fairy godmother – it necessitates walking into the fire of our wounds and emerging with new wisdom having released the past. This aspect lasts only a day or two, but it is embedded in the chart of the New Moon so it offers a way to clear the decks so that the fresh start of the New Moon can really occur.

Mars is also in a harmonious trine Uranus (rebellion, innovation) at the Libra New Moon on the 15th, triggering an explosion of fresh new energy and ideas. Libra is the sign of relationships, including not only interpersonal relationships but the balance between one thing or idea and another. Libra strives for harmony and equilibrium, and this New Moon offers an abundance of sparkling wisdom to help us regain our balance and find innovative ways to take our lives in a different direction if that is required.

Venus is the ruler of Libra, and Venus is quite active during the New Moon helping to enhance the focus on relationships and values. A sextile from Mercury to Venus on the 16th improves communication and aids in greater understanding, and a square from Venus to Jupiter suggests that we may become restless and uncomfortable if we are not given the freedom that we require during these few days around the New Moon.

Between the 22nd and the 25th there is an emphasis on discipline and creating order in our life as the Sun conjoins Saturn. At the same time we are more in touch with our feelings with a trine from the Sun to Neptune, and a harmonious sextile from Mercury to Venus helps us to more easily bring more beauty into our lives so that we can achieve a balance between beauty and grace and the structures that help to ground us into effectiveness.

Around the 28 th a challenging aspect from Mars to Jupiter can be somewhat strident and obnoxious. However, it can also give us the courage that we need to push through a barrier that would otherwise be difficult even though the aspect lasts for only a couple of days. If we approach these few days (the 26th through the 29th) with awareness, this can be a lucky time in which doors open and opportunities are presented to us.

The shift of Venus from Scorpio into Libra begins to lighten the Scorpionic intensity of the previous few weeks and for a few weeks our relationships are easier to manage and more pleasant and polite.

Then on the 29th Mercury moves into Sagittarius and we begin a few weeks of a more optimistic period in which we seek a larger view of life and find more hope and faith. A square from Mercury to Neptune the 29th can bring some confusion as some of the details that keep us anchored in the physical world become unraveled. If we let go and spend some time in meditation and inner thought that day we will avoid some of the pitfalls and potential delusion of this aspect which lasts only a day or so.

However, it is embedded in the chart of the Taurus Full Moon that day which gives it greater impact than it would otherwise have, so while Taurus usually emphasizes a grounded experience of Life on Planet Earth, this potentially confusing aspect will require that we allow our inner intuitive voice to find fuller expression and help to inform the rational mind.

Of course the Uranus/Pluto square is embedded in this chart, as it will be in every lunation throughout the next few years, so letting go of the past (Pluto) and moving into the future (Uranus) is an important energetic component of the Full Moon. This is aided by an aspect which helps to foster an inner sense of expansion and great possibilities, and a harmonious solar aspect illuminates our healing journey and helps to ensure that all of our experiences during this time facilitate our personal growth and evolution.

For the next few months the planetary energy is relatively benign, especially when compared to the past few months. This should come as a relief to anyone who is afraid of the Winter Solstice 2012 hype and gives us an opportunity to integrate the energetic changes that have already occurred.