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Happy Birthday, Jim Morrison!

The death of Jim Morrison was one of the first really sad events of my young life. As a young and lonely wanna-be hippie, his music took me to places beyond my reality that really did open the doors of consciousness. I discovered Jim Morrison’s music at the same time I discovered Aldous Huxley and psychedelic pharmaceuticals, which began what was to become a lifelong exploration of the mystery of life. Huxley wrote, “When the doors of perception are cleansed /Things will appear as they are: Infinite.

Jim Morrison said, “There are things known and things unknown, and in between are the doors.”

Jim Morrison had Sun in Sagittarius, the sign of the seeker of truth. Sagittarians typically do not like to delve into the dark recesses of the human unconscious, but Jim’s chart was more complex. Pluto, the god of the underworld that fearlessly enters the jaws of death to uncover the mystery, was exactly square his Moon and opposite his ascendant (rising sign), showing us that the archetype of death and rebirth (Pluto) was integral to his life (ascendant) and expression of his deepest emotions (Moon).

Mars in his chart was in Gemini, which is a very expressive place for the sexual drives of Mars. Mars was conjunct Uranus, the planet of innovation and revolution – the perfect placement for a leader of a cultural revolution such as Jim Morrison was. Mars/Uranus combination also indicate someone whose sexual tastes can be eccentric or extreme, and who is never satisfied with the status quo.

His Venus was in Scorpio, showing that his relationships (Venus) were intense and rooted in issues of power and sexuality (Scorpio), and opposed his Moon in Taurus, expressing a need for physical pleasure and stability (Taurus) in order to feel secure (Moon). This opposition in a man’s chart can indicate that he categorizes women into two archetypes: the mother (Moon) and the sexualized woman (Venus). In addition, Pluto made a square to both Venus and the Moon, making this a powerful T-square that created a great deal of emotional conflict within him, affecting all his partnerships.

There were many other powerful influences in his chart as well: Saturn retrograde opposite the Sun, identifying him as painfully self-critical (Saturn retrograde) and with a low sense of self-esteem (opposite Sun) who with Mercury in Capricorn was constantly pressuring himself to achieve something and really be somebody. That Mercury was square Neptune, indicating that he was prone to fantasy and illusion.

We can see how the forces in Jim Morrison’s chart created a character that was larger than life, and since he made little attempt to achieve moderation in his life it is not surprising that he burned out at an early age. For those of us who idealized and idolized him, he remains a sentinel at the gate of awareness. In his own words:

“I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone stops, points up and gasps “Oh look at that!” Then – whoosh, and I’m gone… and they’ll never see anything like it ever again, and they won’t be able to forget me – ever.

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What’s Instore for Tom DeLay?

Middle Earth Journal has a good story today about Tom DeLay’s situation, inspiring me to take a look at his astrological situation.

DeLay is an Aries – ruled by the god of war. Aries are forceful, dynamic, and can be self absorbed as they pursue their quest for domination and leadership. His Aries Sun is makes an exact sextile (harmonious aspect) to Uranus (innovation and autonomy) in his chart, showing us that he is a man who charts his own course. He has Scorpio rising, with buoyant Jupiter on the ascendant – the mask that he wears to the world (rising sign/ascendant) is positive and optimistic (Jupiter). Scorpio rising people can be intimidating (Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the god of the underworld and a very intense character himself), but DeLay’s Jupiter on the ascendant softens this and makes him appear more likeable and approachable. This combination can be very charismatic and very appealing to women especially. Because Jupiter represents religion and theology, on the ascendant (the persona) it can show someone for whom religion is actually a major piece of how he defines himself. Certainly this is true in DeLay’s case.

Mars in his chart, defining how he expresses his drive and aggression, is in watery Pisces – NOT a dynamic placement! Pisces is the most mutable (flexible) of the mutable signs, and is more apt to swim around an issue that confront it head on. An Aries male, ruled by the god of war, can be extremely uncomfortable with such a sensitive Mars and this is probably the root of his well-known tendency towards alcoholism.

The acceleration of Tom DeLay’s rise to power on the national stage began in late 2002 when transiting Pluto made a trine to DeLay’s Sun and opposed Uranus in his chart, and during this time DeLay was instrumental in redrawing Texas jurisdictional maps, resulting in the DeLay-led Republican party taking over both the House and Senate. This transit remained in effect through the end of 2004, and DeLay grew ever more powerful during that period. Despite several admonishments by the House Ethics Committee, his power remained undiminished. Throughout 2005 DeLay experienced a number of Jupiter transits, bloating (Jupiter) his natural tendency for self- aggrandizement.

In August of 2005 transiting Saturn (restriction and discipline) conjuncted DeLay’s natal Saturn—usually a difficult time where we are forced to face the realities of our life and make serious changes. In August 2005 the Federal Elections Commission audited DeLay’s TRMPAC and found serious violations.

DeLay’s astrological forecast shows several challenges ahead for him through next summer. Transiting Saturn will square his natal Chiron (wounded healer), a period that typically brings up old painful experiences and can create health problems if not dealt with – perhaps a recurrence of old alcoholic tendencies. Saturn will also conjunct Pluto, creating power struggles and conflicts. During this period Jupiter will square Pluto, and we are likely to see the famous DeLay bravado continue unabated as his power continues to diminish.

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Chiron in Aquarius

The synchronicity between the names given to planets by astronomers and the way they operate in astrology is one of the great mysteries of the heavens. In ancient times the astronomers WERE the astrologers, and as they observed the planet Venus in the sky they truly saw the goddess of love, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Inanna. In our modern scientific time there is a greater disconnect between the ancient archetypes and the natural world, and an argument can be made that our culture suffers as a result.

Chiron is a “planetoid” in the Kuyper Belt that was discovered in 1977, and in astrology Chiron represents the body/mind connection, the healing process, and identifies an unhealable wound which motivates us to seek a higher purpose for our life. (More on Chiron here.) For that reason it is also associated with the wisdom that comes with experience

For the past several years (since 2002) Chiron has been traveling through Capricorn, the sign that rules hard work and social structures – government, schools, corporations, marriage, and capitalism. During this period the curtain has been drawn on the ways in which these structures (Capricorn) have wounded our society (Chiron). The Enron and Worldcom debacles not only destroyed two companies, but also created a deep wound in the communities that served them. The so-called War on Terror created virtual concentration camps for “enemy combatants” where torture took place. The reputation of many governments (including the USA) have been destroyed and corruption revealed. The 2004 election created an even greater fracturing of American society.

On a positive note, Chiron’s pass through Capricorn over the past three years has brought many healing modalities into the mainstream of society and brought new respect to the concept of the body/mind connection.

Chiron moved into Aquarius for the first time in February of this year and then turned back and made a final pass through Capricorn between July and December. What can we expect during the next five or so years as Chiron goes in and out through Aquarius?

Aquarius is a sign of the air element: communicative, rational, and idealistic. It tends to be revolutionary in its desire for freedom and change to the status quo. Chiron last passed through Aquarius between 1955 and 1960. 1955 saw the beginning of the end of the idyllic (for white folks, that is) post-war era, the era of Ozzie and Harriet and the white picket fence. This interesting article cites many examples and a timeline, showing that in 1955 we saw the the first evidence of a fissure that was forming in the veneer of international society, and the beginnings of a subculture for whom freedom and innovation was the key motivating force. Elvis, James Dean, these rebellious figures in popular culture revealed the growing dissatisfaction with modern society. Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat that year, and how interesting that her death as Chiron re-enters Aquarius reminds us of the fight for freedom that so many African-Americans have suffered for. The introduction of the birth control pill heralded the dawn of the period of sexual freedom.

During the next Chiron Aquarius period we are likely to see a new call for freedom from immigrants all over the world that are beginning to seek a new power in the countries that they now call home. Wherever our culture is stuck in a process that is harmful to individuals, there will be a breakdown in order for a new beginning to take place. Aquarius rules the nervous system, and I am concerned that our already overloaded psyches will begin to break down, and we will need to closely watch our young people who are the most vulnerable to psychic distress.

Aquarius also rules technology, and the Internet will grow as a means for social groups to band together. An increased use of wireless technology will make it easier for humans to be constantly connected across the globe.

Chiron’s pass through Aquarius will affect most personally those with planets in the fixed signs: Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus.

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Mars Opposes Jupiter Tonight

When aggressive Mars confronts the king of the gods, watch for blowhards to blow even harder. Mars is retrograde in Taurus, the sign of economic and material security. During the retrograde portion of Mars’ journey, it is gathering together material goods and creating an increased focus on security. Mars retrograding in Taurus is typically beneficial for the stock market. However, Jupiter can represent opportunities and possibilities, and can create a state of overconfidence where we may become reckless. For the next two weeks we will benefit from paying attention to how we are investing our money.

Jupiter also represents our longing to find meaning in life and therefore our theology. The volume is increasing on the so-called “War against Christmas,” and rhetoric in general becomes amplified during Mars/Jupiter periods. Watch for conflicts to escalate in Iraq and other places as Saturn brings in its efforts to restrict (Saturn) dissent (Mars/Jupiter), creating situations where violent reactions are the result. This will be a difficult but productive time, since conflict and tension motivate us to change and evolve.

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The Astrology of Lost

All of the astrological signs are represented in the TV program Lost. Our astrological makeup is much more complex than just one astrological sign, but just for fun let’s take a look at these fascinating characters. Many of them are wounded souls on a healing journey, so we tend to see the shadow side of the signs but we can also see the direction they are headed in their evolution:

AriesSawyer is our Aries character. Primarily concerned with self-preservation, he is headstrong like the Ram and doesn’t work well in a group. Aries has to be a leader, and if he can’t be a leader he will want to operate alone. Sawyer originally set up his own camp and supplied himself with everything he would need. He is direct and not always tactful, and is not a good liar. He is passionate when stimulated, but can be cold as ice. As we see him begin to evolve we will see him take on more of the positive Aries characteristics: he may take on a greater leadership role in the group, and a possible relationship with Kate may soften his hard edges.

Taurus – we don’t know Mr. Eko very well yet, but he is a classic Taurus with his strong bull neck and deep rich voice. His comment “don’t confuse coincidence with fate” is representative of Taurus’s desire for a practical experience of reality, unfettered by confusion. Eko has in his brief appearance on the scene demonstrated the famous stubborn quality of Taurus and also the ability to remain calm and unruffled during a crisis. He makes decisions deliberately and is not impetuous, but once he’s decided on a course of action it will be impossible to change his mind.

Gemini – Moving like quicksilver, darting from here to there and with a youthful look and demeanor, Kate is our Gemini. Gemini is the twins, and there are always two personalities: one light and one dark. Kate is the unhappy girl who has murdered at least two people that we know of, yet she has a smile as bright and sunny as a spring morning. Geminis are impatient and versatile, they can dig a ditch and sing in a choir and the next minute they are cooking a ten course meal. But they have a tendency to hide from themselves–rather, the dark side and the light side will hide from each other. The quest for Gemini is to integrate and become a whole individual and this is Kate’s challenge.

Cancer – Sun may be our Cancerian. Devoted to her family and husband, she is a homebody and doesn’t like to stray far from her camp. We often find her in the garden, where she creates herbal mixtures to help cure the ailments of her fellow castaways. Cancer is the nurturer, the keeper of family histories, the geneaologist. Like the crab, they are shy with a soft and vulnerable inner shell that they seek to protect. In the past she sacrificed herself for the sake of her father and her husband. We are beginning to see her come into her own and begin to nurture herself as well.

Leo – Charlie embodies many traits that we associate with Leo. Seeking to express himself creatively with his music, he has a sunny disposition and is generally available to be helpful to the castaways. Leo longs to be admired and respected, and Charlie lives in the past when he basked in the adulation of his groupies and fans. He cares for Claire’s child, but demands recognition for his abilities. The challenge for Leo is to begin to do good works for their sake and begin to let go of the egocentric desire for fame. However, like Charlie, Leos have big hearts and demonstrate kindness, and can always be counted on in an emergency.

Virgo – Meticulous, cautious and adept with machinery, Sayid is our Virgo. Virgos are famously perfectionists, and their detail-oriented natures make them excellent travel companions. They always have just the right tools for the job, and if they don’t they can improvise with items they find on the beach. Like Sayid, Virgos seek to help others and must have a job to do. They make excellent employees and are loyal to a fault, which will explain how Sayid could perform the tasks required of him in the Iraqi Republican Guard. They are not good at relaxing or vacations because something always needs to be done, and on the island Sayid rarely takes a break from the task of finding someone to rescue the castaways. In romance, a Virgo will often seek out a partner who needs their help; Sayid was the only one to see past Shannon’s self-centered exterior into her wounded center.

Libra – The departed Boone was our Libra. We didn’t get to know him very well, and this is a characteristic of Libra. Libra is focused on the “other,” and often loses the self in the process. Boone’s focus was on pleasing those around him – what did Shannon need from him? What did Locke need? Libra is the Scales, and in seeking the famous Libra balance, they often tip from one end of the scale to the other in the effort to strike a balance and achieve personal harmony. Libras are focused on partnerships, and you will rarely find them alone. At the end of his life, with Locke’s assistance, his Libra challenge was to balance his need to please those around him with a new strength in caring for himself.

Scorpio – Michael is our Scorpio. Passionate and emotional, he embodies the fiery water of the Scorpio man. Scorpio doesn’t flinch from intense emotions, and doesn’t really care what others think. The intensity of their nature can be off-putting, but they make the best and most loyal friends and lovers. They have a smoldering sensuality that is very attractive to women as we saw with Sun’s potential attraction to Michael. Scorpios can be strict disciplinarians as they have a tremendous respect for power and want to instill that in our children. Michael’s challenge will be to channel his frustration into a sense of empowerment, and begin to learn to let go and trust that life will take care of him.

Sagittarius – With her sunny disposition, Claire is our Sagittarian. Sagittarians are warm, generally optimistic, and typically liked by everyone. They generally have a great trust in life, unlike Scorpios, and this can make them naive in the face of danger. They typically dislike confrontation and prefer to approach life from a more superficial viewpoint, which can create problems as they ignore signals that warn of danger. Claire has great trust in Charlie, but may tend to prefer to remain unaware of some of the traits that have been bothering her about him.

Capricorn – Hard-working Jack is our Capricorn. Capricorns tend to be serious and focused on a goal, they seek to build something lasting in the world and make their mark on society. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which often represents the father, and Jack’s complex relationship with his father makes him want to both please his father and surpass him. Capricorn privately yearns for joy, for happiness, but he is relentlessly driven from within and tends to feel responsible for everything and everyone. Jack takes his role as patriarch seriously, and rarely lets his secret desire for a personal life get in the way. His challenge in the healing process will be to learn to accept himself for who he is rather than what he can accomplish.

Aquarius – The Aquarian embrace of oddity is embodied in John Locke. Aquarians seek a change to the status quo; they are not content to live life the way it’s been lived before. The mystery of the island is not terrifying to Locke, he welcomes the opportunity to become transformed and sees more than anyone the healing properties that the island offers. He dislikes the hierarchy of power that puts Jack at th
e top rung of the ladder, and like all Aquarians prefers equality and brotherhood to a rigid social structure. “I love mankind, it’s people I can’t stand” is a common feeling among Aquarians. However, his ability to stand alone and allow himself to be transformed serves as a catalyst for the entire group of characters.

Pisces – Hurley is our Pisces, the Fish. Pisces is a chameleon, like water, they take the shape of the container they find themselves in. They are supremely adaptable to all situations. Like Hurley, who faced with endless days of boredom created a golf course. It is easy for Pisces people to slip into an unconscious approach to living their life, and this can often bring a string of bad luck and as we saw. Hurley’s winning of the lottery brought him nothing but misfortune. Pisces is creative, imaginative and romantic, and their challenge is to keep both feet on the grounds while they live in the clouds. Life on the Lost Island is teaching Hurley to do just that.

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