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Explosions Continue During December Grand Cross

I’ve been amazed at the number of explosions in the news over the past few weeks as Saturn and Jupiter square off against fiery Mars during the December Grand Cross (see other articles below for more details about the Grand Cross).

Friday morning as of 6:30 am:

An explosion occurred at a Russian nuclear plant outside St. Petersburg.

A gas chamber’s control room exploded in Bhopal, India.

There have been two explosions at the Augustine Volcano in Alaska over the past week.

Wednesday a hospital in Cambridge Massachusetts had to be evacuated in freezing cold temperatures after a boiler exploded.

On Tuesday, when the Moon joined the other planets in the Grand Cross:

A Bergenfield New Jersey apartment complex exploded after construction workers hit a gas line.

A chemical explosion took place in a Perdue poultry plant in Maryland.

A gas line exploded in an apartment building in Westminster Colorado caused a huge fire that forced 100 people out of their homes.

A gas explosion took place in aerosols factory in Liverpool UK.

A meth lab in a Super 8 Motel in Lake City Florida.


A pillbox exploded in a Manila suburb injuring at least 20 people as the result of a business feud.

An explosion rocked Central Athens when two gas canisters ignited in an apparent terrorist attack.

Last Sunday an oil depot exploded in the UK, with a blast so intense it ripped a buried back-up generator right out of the ground.

Most of these explosions were unrelated to political unrest, and simply the result of a combustive atmosphere linked to gas lines. I expect this explosive environment to continue until the fire of Mars makes its last square to repressive Saturn at the end of December.

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The End May Be Near for Karl Rove

Raw Story reports today that Patrick Fitzgerald, special prosecutor in the Valerie Plame leak case, is getting close to an indictment of Karl Rove for obstruction of justice.

Karl Rove has been known as “Bush’s Brain” and the architect of the Bush presidency, but he has been a political activist since the age 0f 9 when, as rumor has it, a little girl who supported Kennedy in the 1960 elections beat him up and he decided to support Nixon in revenge. In high school he began the famous Rovian tactics of smear tactics that put him and George W. Bush in the white house not just once, but twice.

Karl Rove’s birth chart shows us that he is a deeply insecure man, with Saturn in Libra in square (90 degrees) to his Sun. Saturn in Libra often describes an individual who feels a great deal of self-doubt (Saturn) in relationships with others (Libra), and with Saturn square his Sun (his sense of Self), he has a deep-rooted sense of inadequacy and shyness. This square is part of a larger formation that also includes Uranus, the revolutionary, opposing his Sun in Capricorn. Rove has three planets in Capricorn including Sun, Venus and Mercury. Capricorn people are heavily responsible and driven to accomplish something great. Uranus opposes Rove’s Sun, making him a bit of a maverick since Uranus rules revolution and destruction of the status quo.

Rove has several unaspected planets including Mars (Bush also has an unaspected Mars), demonstrating his ability to operate independently and answer to no one. This Mars is being hit by the Grand Cross (see references in articles below), and it is no wonder that the chickens are coming home to roost for Rove. Watch for matters to become increasingly challenging for him over the past month as the pressures from Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Mars in Grand Cross formation bring these issues to a head.

The past year has been relatively easy for Rove from an astrological viewpoint, with transiting Uranus trine his natal Uranus which generally institutes a liberating cycle where we are able to shake off the shackles of convention and create a new way of living our life. However, the influences of the Grand Cross begins a Saturn cycle (squaring Mars in his chart) which is likely to bring indictments and convictions.

This will be exacerbated by a challenging transit of Pluto conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer) in his chart beginning in January. He is certainly beginning to feel that now. When Pluto transits Chiron in our charts we often experience tremendous pain (Chiron) as the god of transformation (Pluto) interacts with the god of healing (Chiron) through breaking through our protective barriers and performing major psychic surgery. If we refuse to examine our inner wounds these cycles can create an environment where our health suffers, and we may see this coming up for Karl Rove during the first quarter of the year.

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Full Moon This Morning

The Full Moon occurs when the Moon opposes the Sun (they are 180 degrees apart); symbolically the instinctive emotions represented by the Moon are illuminated by the more rational light of the Sun. This is a time when creative energies come to a head, where emotions and brainpower come together. This is particularly true when the Moon is in Gemini as it is today, and the Sun is in Sagittarius (we say this is a Full Moon in Gemini).

Gemini is the sign of mental acuity, and Sagittarius is concerned with matters of philosophy and meaning, With these two influences at work over the next few days there is a great possibility of reaching an understanding regarding the conflicts brought about by the Grand Cross (see articles below) if the parties involved are able to let go of their attachment to power because the Sun conjuncts Pluto for the next few days, also opposing the Moon.

Pluto deals with issues of power, death and transformation. He is one powerful guy! Pluto requires that we delve into the underworld of our subconscious and allow the psychic debris to be released.

This month’s Full Moon will be a great time for communication, for business meetings, for balancing our power bases. Expect its effects to continue for about three days after today.

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Explosions, Earthquakes, Executions, Race Riots

Explosions in an oil depot near London and in New Jersey, earthquakes in the Kashmir Valley, Australia and Afghanistan, execution of Tookie Williams, and race riots in Sydney Australia. Disturbing, but not surprising during this Grand Cross period. The tension inherent in the Grand Cross formation can explode into consciousness in our personal lives as well. With Mercury in Sagittarius, discussions with those around us with whom we may not disagree could help defuse tensions and prevent conflicts from erupting into rage.

Caution may be needed over the next few days as the Sun approaches a conjunction with Pluto, both in Sagittarius. There’s a lot of fire energy about right now and using it productively will be the goal AND the challenge!

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Mercury Back in Sagittarius

…where it will remain until January 4th. Mercury first passed into Sag on October 30 and remained there until it retrograded back into the intensity of Scorpio back on November 25. With Mercury in Sagittarius, communication (Mercury) will be of a lighter nature and will center around discussions of values and philosophy (Sagittarius). We are still in the midst of the Grand Cross (see below) so there is still quite a bit of aggressive intensity with Saturn blocking the energies of Mars and Jupiter and the whole system clouded by Neptune. However, Mercury moving back into Sag will facilitate communication, and this will be enhanced by the harmonious aspect (sextile) between Mercury and the healing energy of Chiron.

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