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Sun Entered Aquarius Yesterday

Aquarius is an air sign, dealing with the realm of the intellect. Aquarius is the “dryest” of the air signs, with the least amount of connection to the water element of emotions, so it is interesting that the symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer, who manipulates the emotional realms but remains dry and detached. Aquarius is primarily concerned with nothing less than the ultimate expression of the human destiny.

Aquarians (and this includes not only those with Sun in Aquarius but also those with other strong Aquarian influences in their chart) are the idealist of the zodiac – the brilliant thinkers who dance to the beat of their own drum. Aquarius is a fixed sign and can be stubborn and slow to change their mind, but they are also brilliantly intelligent and prone to blinding flashes of insight and innovative ideas. Hence they are the inventors, the wizards of technology, and the Utopian idealists.

This idealistic tendency of Aquarians can become somewhat problematic in personal relationships, where we don’t often see the highest expression of the human soul. Relationships can be messy and emotional, and Aquarius isn’t comfortable in those realms. Independent and loving freedom, they desire fairness and equality in all of their relationships and may find it easier to be friends than lovers.

With their love of humanity and ideals of human interaction, Aquarians can be impersonal and detached. They tend to be uncomfortable with strong emotions and may be prone to health problems such as migraine headaches from repressing emotions within themselves. They dislike following society’s rules and conventions, but are fair and loyal and relentlessly true to their own code of conduct. There is not a more interesting person in the world […]

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Osama bin Laden – Out of Hiding?

(painting by Werner Horvath.)

The recent release of an audiotape supposedly from Osama bin Laden brings up many interesting issues and ties in perfectly to the current planetary configuration with Mars opposing Jupiter, both squared by Neptune. Mars, the aggressive urge, is being expanded and aggrandized by Jupiter resulting in aggressive behavior and rhetoric across the globe. Neptune creates a veil of mystery and illusion, perfectly mirroring the disappearance of bin Laden, who threatens an increase (Jupiter) of attacks (Mars) from his hidden and undisclosed location (Neptune).

bin Laden is such an elusive character that even his birthdate is unknown, a source of much frustration among astrologers and rendering suspect any attempt at chart interpretation. The Interpol website gives a date of March 10, 1957, and this is the date most commonly used. However, it has been postulated (see discussion on the Astrodatabank website) that this date results from an incorrect transcription of the 3rd month 10th day from the Islamic calendar to ours. The mystery and illusion that surrounds bin Laden makes him the perfect representative for Neptune, especially as it ties into this configuration with Mars and Jupiter and its proponent for religious (Jupiter) warfare (Mars).

The very issue of his existence is shrouded in mystery. Is he really alive? Many sources reported him dead after the fight at Tora Bora, but then he resurfaced in a videotape in 2004. A journalist reported January 9 that bin Laden died in Iran in December. A terrorism expert in Australia reported that an Indian intelligence officer claimed bin Laden died in April of last year. If he is still alive, why has he not made a videotape? In the days of his full power before […]

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The Awakening of Beauty

(Photo from Andrea’s Photo Blog.)

I thought the quote below was perfectly appropriate as we continue our journey of Venus in retrograde motion (until February 3). Venus rules our sense of beauty as well as our ability to relate to others, and when retrograde we tend to RE-visit and RE-place some of our old ideas on how we relate and what we find to be beautiful. We also RE-examine our RE-lationship to our possessions and values, and we may RE-encounter people from our past with a new perspective.

Many astrologers warn that large purchases such as buying a home or investments (personal resources are ruled by Venus) when Venus is retrograde lead to disaster, but I haven’t seen that to necessarily be true. After all the stock market in the US and abroad continues to climb (except for Japan which had a strong correction yesterday), prices of gold continue to increase. Venus retrograde seeks to call our attention to that which we value, including our own resources as well as our relationships.

” Seeing beauty in a flower could awaken humans, however briefly, to the beauty that is an essential part of their own innermost being, their true nature. The first recognition of beauty was one of the most significant events in the evolution of human consciousness. The feelings of joy and love are intrinsically connected to that recognition. Without our fully realizing it, flowers become for us an expression in form of that which is most high, most sacred, and ultimately formless within ourselves. Flowers, more fleeting, more ethereal, and more delicate than the plants out of which they emerged, would become like messengers from another realm, like a bridge between the […]

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Battle of the Gods

Over the past week or so we’ve seen the effects of warrior Mars opposing confident Jupiter as aggressive rhetoric (Mars) becomes more and more amplified (Jupiter) across the globe. Today Neptune joins the conflict between Mars and Jupiter, obscuring and confusing the conflicts. These three planets are locked in what we call a “T-square,” where Mars opposes (180 degrees) Jupiter, and Neptune square (90 degrees) both Mars and Jupiter. The opposition and square are challenging aspects, where each planet tries to inhibit the action of the other creating a buildup of tension that eventually erupts in major conflict. In the individual personality this can lead to tremendous personal growth if handled properly. In global situations there is rarely the awareness of the need for conscious evolution, and we often end up with tragic results as “might makes right” and the more powerful entity achieves domination.

The aggressive rhetoric produced by the conflict between Mars and Jupiter over the pat few weeks has been mostly philosophical, since Jupiter rules philosophy and theology and (hu)man’s search for meaning in life. With the addition of Neptune into the mix, the battlefield becomes foggy and it becomes less clear who is on which side of the conflict, like a duststorm in the middle of a battle in the desert. Neptune challenges us to dissolve our reality and understand what lies beyond this mundane reality, and when it is in challenging aspect to other planets like it is now, it tends to confuse the issues and create illusion. On the other hand, Mars works hard to pierce those illusions using force. We are certainly seeing this in the US with the Abramoff scandal where governmental agencies are working hard to […]

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Mars Squares Neptune Today

Mars is the god of war, motivating us to aggressively act out our desires and establish good boundaries to protect what we have. Neptune tends to blur the boundaries of ordinary realities and offers us aspirations to seek a higher level of consciousness, an experience of the divine. When these two gods are in conflict, life can get confusing and facts are often obscured. When you include Jupiter, which expands us and brings confidence and philosophical ideals.

The current spying scandal is a good archetype for the planetary system we have in effect right now. The system is called a “T-square,” and it consists of Mars opposite Jupiter, with Neptune squaring both of them (hence a T-shaped formation). This type of “hard angle” aspect creates conflict and challenges, but also energy for change.

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