Fear and the upcoming Cardinal Cross

You’ll be hearing a lot more about this planetary event over the next few months and years.  Ray Merriman is calling the event the “Cardinal Climax,” and astrologer Gary Caton in this recent article in The Mountain Astrologer is calling it the “Cardinal Crisis.”  This is an alignment of planets in cardinal signs that will continue to create change in our inner and outer worlds.  The cardinal signs are the signs of action, and with various planets conflicting with each other in cardinal signs there will be a great deal of energy for change.

It’s easy to become afraid when we know something big is coming, but it’s wise not to let fear take over.  Change can be exhilarating and joyful just as easily as difficult.  This week Mars in Cancer is opposite Pluto in the sky, and although I expected major flareups in the news that has not occurred.  Nor did it occur in my own life, despite the fact that this planetary combination directly affects Mars in my own chart.  Instead, there has been a tremendous amount of energy that has been relatively easy to manage and we’re seeing that in the global arena as well.

I’ve laid out a scenario of what is likely to happen over the next few years in my radio show a few weeks back and you may want to take a listen if you haven’t already heard it.  I’ll be writing a great deal more on this topic over the next few months, especially as Saturn moves into Libra in late October and begins to form a square to Pluto.

Meanwhile, we are working with Saturn/Uranus and the force of resistance to change.  This is the key factor that we will be faced with over the next few weeks.

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Listen to my take on Saturn/Uranus and the upcoming “Cardinal Climax

I spoke about this on the radio show August 9th and since I’m working on a big writing project I thought I’d post the link so you can take a listen if you didn’t hear it already.  At some point I’ll convert this into an article and post it on my website but meanwhile have a listen.

Remember we’re on Itunes now as a podcast (you must have Itunes on your computer).  If you listen on Itunes please leave a review and rate the show!  thank you. 🙂

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Comet Holmes and the Blue Star Kachina

My post the other day on Philip Sedgwick’s blog cited an article by Bruce Fenton on his site 2012 Rising about the Hopi “Blue Star Kachina” prophecy.  My post echoed Philip’s dismissal of Comet Holmes as the “Blue Star Kachina” because I had completely forgotten the astounding behavior of Comet Holmes as it exploded in the sky last year. In a matter of hours, the comet brightened 400,000 times in a manner that scientists could not explain.  I really should have remembered it because this became a bit of an obsession to me at the time.

Now that we are under the influence of Mercury Retrograde, I’d like to go back and revisit the comet with this new perspective.  One of the fascinating synchronicities about the explosion of Comet Holmes was the fact that it exploded in brightness just as Pluto conjoined the Galactic Center.  No one really knew what to expect under this influence, but there was quite a bit of conjecture and an exploding comet seemed to be quite significant.

Bruce responded in the comments to my post the other day that Hopi elders had agreed that the Comet Holmes was the Blue Star Kachina that had been prophesied, and Joseph Mina commented that this was a distinct possibility:

Comet Holmes gaseous shell is blue/turquoise in color. I viewed it through my unfiltered telescope last year and it was definitely blue in tint. Hubble pictures confirm the same. Comet Holmes appeared “out of the blue”. This small, insignificant periodic comet, whose orbit moves just inside of Mars and then to the other side of Jupiter, put on a display that had astronomers shaking their heads in disbelief. In a matter of 40 hours it brightened from mag 17 (invisible to only the biggest telescopes) to mag 2.8 (easily naked eye). That’s an increase of over 500,000. This is the most significant cometary outburst on record. Of course, no one saw it coming, although the Comet has been known to unexpectedly flare up (I believe the last time was in the late 1800’s) At one point its gaseous shell was greater in diameter than the Sun (over 800,000).

For these and other reasons, I think it’s important to pay attention to the symbolic nature of the “blue star’s” appearance – the Blue Star signals the beginning of a time of great purification – and observe what has taken place since this Universal symbol appeared as a naked eye object in out skies (beginning Nov 07 through Feb 08). The Hopi’s had it right. Hopefully, as a race, we’re smart enough to understand their message and work with this energy in a pro-active way rather than through fear.

So I apologize for my cavalier dismissal of the exploding comet, which was indeed quite a phenomenon. I do have one bone to pick with Bruce though – he mentions that the Hopi and the Maya have both declared the Comet Holmes to be the Blue Star Kachina but the only source for this claim is Drunvalo Melchizedek. For now I remain a bit skeptical about this connection.

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Philip Sedgwick on 2012 and my thoughts on the Mayan Calendar and Age of Aquarius

Philip Sedgwick has a post on his new blog at Matrix that is chock full of interesting points to share.  Philip is an interesting astrologer – he was one of the first astrologers to work with the Galactic Center point which was so much in the news over the past few years as Pluto made a conjunction to it.  He is still exploring realms outside the boundaries of ordinary astrology, looking for ways to integrate the new Solar System into the astrological language.

Philip wrote an election blog for Huffington Post last year, and his commentary on that experience made me very glad I was picked up by Beliefnet and not, say, the New York Times which frankly was my fantasy.  It just shows that the Universe knows what’s best.  At any rate, Philip’s experience was not very enjoyable:

In honor of Mercury’s impending retrograde, allow me to back up first. Last fall I had the pleasure of writing a blog regarding election polling and the upcoming U. S. Presidential Election for the Huffington Post. My posts appeared under a subcategory entitled Huffpollstrology. But when I started writing for HuffPo, the first post was placed in the column with the standard array of mainstream bloggers. Oh my! I discovered that despite the stats about the general public loving to read sun sign columns, approximately 80% of the comments received about my first post were hostile, hateful and ignorant of the topic they condemned, which in the realm of blogging has nothing to do with anything. The ridicule came in from the obvious religious quarters, those who despise superstition and well educated and/or intelligent folks who condemned the idiocy of those who put credence into astrology. The spiteful comments continued through the tenure of my columns leading up to the election, despite the impeccable accuracy of the content. “Jeez Louise,” thought I, “Us astrologer folks better not say anythin’ silly lest we fuel the fires of speculation about our sensibilities.”

Interesting that mainstream readers are positive about sun sign astrology, which is more entertainment than astrology, and negative on real astrology, which they call “bunk.”

Phliip goes on to talk about the upcoming 2012 panic.  Will the world really end?  Where does astrology fit in?  I’m getting a lot of emails about this myself, and I’ve noticed that many people are allowing the negativity and fear that is patterned into their own belief systems to erupt at this time with this new “legitimate” impending disaster.

Evidently the Hopi prophecy of the Blue Star Kachina being the harbinger of the emergence of the Fifth World (it is the Fourth World in the Mayan calendar that ends at 2012) is being tied to Comet Holmes which supposedly will top off a 7-year healing cycle.  Philip argues that a comet is not a star, and that Comet Holmes is actually yellow but just appeared blue due to viewing filters, and it comes around every 6.9 years anyway so is hardly the harbinger of anything.

Philip agrees with other writers that the Mayan calendar doesn’t actually end, but that it rolls over and begins anew with a new Great Cycle of 5125 years.  It’s an interesting synchronicity that five Great Cycles adds up to 26,000 years, the Grand Year of the Precession of the Equinoxes marking all of the great astrological ages.

Perhaps this synchronicity is a clue that December 21, 2012 is the gateway to the Age of Aquarius, since each Great Cycle would be equal to two astrological ages. The Age of Aquarius will certainly bring in tremendous changes to our culture – but then the development of human culture has been accelerating rapidly ever since Uranus was discovered in 1783.  Nothing is the same from one day to the next!

At any rate, the previous Mayan Cycle ended 5125 years before 2012, or 3113 bce.  This is an interesting millenium because it marks the first Egyptian dynasty and the beginning of the Hebrew calendar.

Pluto teaches us to look at death not as an ending but as a new beginning.  Each day is a new beginning, and our own lives are filled with Great Years – cycles that take us from one life experience to another.  These are the Great Years that are the most important, and every day we have an opportunity to begin anew.  2012 will take care of itself – for now, as the Zen teachers say, the laundry.

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A wise look at 2012

Jonathan Bethel has an article up at 2012 Eschaton that mirrors very closely my own feelings about what is coming up for us and adds a scientific dimension:

Modern man throughout the twentieth century was coming to terms with his theological and scientific paradigms, and in the last decade of that century s/he saw an intensification of the integration of these two worlds; the true philosopher’s stone, the stone of the wise, was condensing from the merging of these two paradigmatic systems. This new paradigm of thought was synthesized in a dialectical process where the thesis and antithesis were merged, the worlds of theology and science, and it is now informing the morphogenetic fields that rule social behavior all over our planet. These fields order our behavior through the process of morphic resonance, whereby our thoughts and emotions are in sync with the planetary mind, and our mind then follows suit. These global morphogenetic fields of humanity have been called many names: the collective unconscious, the genetic archives, the akashic records, and the phylogenetic unconscious. At any rate, this morphogenetic field that humanity resonates with is a sphere of thought surrounding the planet, and the synergistic tendencies of the information couplings within those fields are gearing up for and catalyzing a transformational shift to a whole new order of being. In the notions of the French priest and paleontologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the biosphere, nature, will give rise to and exude the noosphere, a global layer of thought, the informational synergy of which will actualize the Omega Point into being. This will usher in a new paradigm, a transcendence for all of humanity. It is interesting to note that Teilhard came to his realizations long before the global network of the Internet; therefore, many philosophers consider the internet to be the hardwiring of the noosphere.


Humanity is in a very precarious situation; never before have so many mounting crisis points been converging together. I’m no doomsayer, but if you remove yourself from the group mind with its aversion to the facts at hand, and you take a good look at what is about to transpire, then you can’t help but be white-knuckled and fearful of the future. But this fear is not at all what we need, if reality is truly affected by our minds as scientific studies are beginning to bear out. The following situations “Could” transpire in the years to decades ahead; they are not necessarily slated to occur in 2012!

The increased complexity and convoluted nature of our global civilization has made the threat of a pandemic a much more conceivable situation. A virus could be transferred to many areas of the world through our transportation grid in a very short period of time, and an all out pandemic could be actualized in a matter of weeks. . . .

A pandemic is just one possibility on the shelf of global, future threats. In addition, we have the Geo-Political environment, a motley crew of a makeup with each component striving for dominance on the world stage. It is one thing to agree to disagree with the other parties in the global arena; however, we now have radical terrorists, self proclaimed servants of God, who believe it is their God given duty to kill all those that will not convert to their way of thinking. It is hard to deal with these people in a rational manner, as their behavior elicits the very primitive instinct of seeking their utter destruction. In addition, we now have the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and they are now in the hands of some very fanatical and tyrannical leaders. It is easy to foresee and imagine that if the terrorists ignited a nuclear bomb in one of our cities due to their ideological insanity, then the civilized world could very easily retaliate, thereby sparking a nuclear tit-for-tat of all the countries involved. . . .

Our global society is also facing major economic collapse as we move forward into subsequent periods of time. Our economic markets are so reliant on what occurs globally now, and the countries of the world have created such a deficit that some financial specialists say what we are facing is insurmountable; we are operating on borrowed time, and a huge spiral into economic collapse looks like an extremely conceivable scenario.

If those realistic threats weren’t bad enough, the biosphere is being destroyed in so many aspects that it is barely possible to imagine. Researchers believe that the biosphere may become completely uninhabitable in just a couple centuries. The facts of man’s destruction of the habitat that brought him forth are truly appalling and ghastly. We are decimating the rain forest by miles daily, the main source of the oxygen we breathe. Climate is changing as both the jet stream in the atmosphere and the gulf stream in the Atlantic are shifting. Our oceans are dying from pollution and over fishing, and many species are being wiped into extinction. Is this insanity? What are we doing to ourselves? The planet was never intended to support life for 6.5 billion people, and that population is only increasing daily. The facts of the matter make one wince when looking at all the details, creating a nauseating feeling in the pit of the stomach. The melting of the ice caps is occurring from a multitude of sources that are causing Global Warming. It is not just our fuel use causing global warming; it also has to do with natural cycles that revolve around the earth-sun connection. The melted ice will cause the sea levels to rise, obliterating the coastline and inundating us with water. This biosphere issue is definitely not something that will cause a global catastrophe in 2012, but it is an indication of where we find ourselves and the nature of our shared predicament. The operative word is “Shared,” and we need to realize that all of us on the planet are in this boat together, and it has now begun to traverse the rapids and dangerous currents ahead.

Additionally, we have the sun-earth connection to be concerned about. The Sun’s Coronal magnetic flux has increased 100% in the last century. Global Warming is partly caused by man and is also caused by the earth’s relationship with the sun, and scientists say the sun has steadily become more active in the past several hundred years. It must be understood that when a Solar Flare or Coronal Mass Ejection occurs a wave of energy moves out in all directions, and when it impinges with a planet’s magnetic field, the field contorts in reaction. This contortion shifts the Jet Stream creating climate change, and it also puts stress on the system of plate tectonics, causing an increased number of earthquakes and volcanoes. The last sunspot cycle ended with the two largest flares on record and the next major cycle is scheduled for 2012.

Now that we have discussed some of the sobering bad news about our future, and because I like to be the optimist even in the most drastic and horrid of situations, I think it is essential to relay the whole picture. Yes, things look very dire, but they also look most promising. Strides in science, medicine, government and technology are making major advances in ridding our species of the undesired effects of bad health, famine, poverty, or lack of any name. So, like I said, what we are moving into is both wonderful and horrid. It is a double-edged sword!


So, we live in a time full of radical changes of both a qualitatively good and bad nature. The ancient seers knew that this exact period in time represented a period of catastrophic changes preceding a golden age. Most cultural traditions have some intimation of the times we are living in, whether it is Hindu, Hopi, Mayan, or many, many others, and they are all in basic agreement that a great purging, a cataclysmic time of change, will precede a golden age of enlightenment.
The Mayans encoded 12-21-2012 into their calendrical system, and they pointed to that day for some reason. Hundreds of years later in the 1970s a hippie botanist, Terence McKenna, had a vision under the influence of Shamanic Power Plants, and he saw how to distill a timewave from the Ken Wa sequence of the I-Ching. This Timewave mapped the ingression of novelty into the universe, an organizing principle of ever increasing complexity upon which all of our reality is ordered. At any rate, he saw on the timewave that this nature of novelty hits a moment of infinite novelty, what is called the concrescence of novelty, at the same exact time that the Mayan Calendar cycle ends, December 21, 2012!

There seems to be something embedded in human psychology that both craves and fears an apocalyptic vision. This may have been deepened in the mass consciousness with Pluto’s travel through Sagittarius, bringing increased obsession (Pluto) to our ideologies (Sagittarius). Part of this may be a desire to wipe the slate clean; to gain an opportunity to begin anew; a Plutonian desire to eliminate everything on earth that isn’t working for us. We saw this as the year rolled from 1999 to 2000, with little result. We are likely to have a similar experience at the end of 2012.

Still this does not negate the overall trend of humanity towards a nearly total evolution that is likely now that we are at the bridge of the Aquarian Age! As Jonathan Bethel says, whatever happens it is sure to be a wild ride.

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