Sunday Inspiration: Dancing through insanity

10168134_10203506808453690_41700075492290535_nThese beautiful words come from Zola Dubnikova.

During my dance class last night in Tel Aviv, the sirens went off. Rockets fell from the sky, but we didn’t hear them because we were dancing so deeply.

Jerusalem is on fire my friend told me the other day. In the south, the people are living in bomb shelters – in the South and in Gaza, full war… For me it doesn’t seem real on my mountain in the North of Israel. The dance classes after mine were all cancelled because of the alarm… But only after we finished… We were so thankful to dance – even in the chaos of this world – there we found a deep medicine…

Through sweat and tears and full body movement we allow it all to come through – the anger, the sadness, the helplessness, the inertia, the desolation, the fear… I see once again, that in such times, its especially important time to open the channels in the body and to dance, to feel and to release all of this insanity …

The timing of the first class at Temple of Dance Israel, here in Zichron Ya’akov, feels accurate. We dance to feel what is here now, to let in the shadow and the light… We come together and offer a prayer through our bodies. We meet to release the tension that we all feel, the heaviness of the skies, and dance our collective prayer, the prayer of those who are sane on both “sides”… The prayer of the ones who know that there are no sides. And the prayer of the ones who know there are no winners when innocent people die.

To think of the beautiful little children whose fate is at the hands of the ignorant who perpetrate these endless cycles of violence, or the young souls about to take off into life, who could have made a difference, some of whose stories we don’t even always hear…

May the skies open for a higher consciousness to rain down upon the middle east. INSHALLAH.

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  1. weaver July 15, 2014 at 8:14 am

    thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post.

  2. Christina July 18, 2014 at 10:27 am

    Very insightful and certainly timely in light of recent world events.

    Lynn, per your recent post you wrote: “Pluto transits can be devastating periods of loss, but they can also be times when we discover our latent strengths and emerge into great periods of personal power as we see here.” I currently am experiencing Pluto conjunct my Ascendant and Pluto square Pluto transits, both lasting through about the end of this year. I just entered into a major dispute with a colleague that may turn into a legal battle. What should I look at in my chart for signs of where things are headed?

    • Lynn Hayes July 19, 2014 at 8:48 am

      Christina, this is an interesting question that I think deserves its own post so watch for it this week.

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