The Reclassification of Pluto

plutoThe International Astronomical Union met in 2006 to discuss reclassifying our solar system, and as a result Pluto was deemed to be a dwarf planet, the former asteroid Ceres was promoted to planetary status, and the newest planet, formerly named UB313, was named Eris after the goddess of discord. Because the astrological Pluto deals with the transformation that comes from looking death in the eye and annhilation of the personal ego, it stands to reason that the reclassification of Pluto could open a door to how this process operates.

The last “planet” to be discovered in our lifetime was the comet/planetoid Chiron, and it took some time for its astrological signficance to become known. Through the magic of synchronicity, the name of the planet itself reveals the god whose energy manifests through that planet.

You can read more about Ceres here.

Pluto’s discovery in 1930 brought with it the introduction of the atomic bomb and the fear of ultimate annhilation, the ultimate power. In these days of terrorism when a single individual with a toiletry bottle can potentially wipe out thousands of people, our concept of power is changing. In centuries past, whichever country had the biggest guns had the most power. When the US was the only nation with the bomb we were the only superpower. When Russia developed the bomb, they were the other superpower. At this time nine nations have nuclear weapons, with several more to attain that status soon (including Iran). The whole concept of power, as embodied in the archetype of Pluto, is changing and this will become very clear in the 2010-2013 square of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn. The power of Pluto hasn’t lessened one iota, but it has become universalized rather than being owned by just a few countries and individuals. Perhaps this is symbolized by the reclassification of Pluto as a dwarf planet, a status shared by many others.

Perhaps too the introduction of Ceres into the Plutonic archetype offers hope for resurrection and regeneration from Pluto’s threat of total destruction while calling on us to nurture each other and the earth on which we live. After her daughter Proserpine (Persephone) was abducted by Pluto, Ceres searched for her throughout the land and in her grief caused famine and destruction that caused the death of her people. Ultimately a negotiation with Pluto brought the return of the crops, but also meant that Prosperpine would remain in the underground for half the year. Ceres represents the harvest and the food that sustains us; a process which has been endangered by the technological advances of the last 100 years.

Eris is the other new addition to the Pluto complex, and you can read more about her here. She is the one who threw the golden apple into a room at a party, causing the Trojan War which lasted for ten years and decimated the population on both sides. As the goddess of discord, Eris throws a monkey wrench in our plans and causes havoc that uncovers areas that need to be transformed.

Pluto’s reign in Planethood marked the most violent century in human history. In mythology, Pluto ruthlessly ruled over the underworld, judging the dead and sending them to their post-life destiny. Pluto’s astrological influence over death and rebirth does not respond to our pleas for mercy; the cycle of life goes on uninterrupted by human desire. Perhaps it’s the influence of Ceres that instigates the regeneration that follows Pluto’s destruction and keeps the lifecycle flowing and fresh with hope.

The modern mystic Andrew Harvey says it best in this passage from an interview he gave last year:

[I]f you know the wisdom of the dark night, then you are looking out for protection. You’re aware that through this terror, protection will be given. This is the universal testimony. They mystics have gone through this process. It’s the testimony of Rumi. It’s the testimony of the great shamans. You are given tremendous divine protection, because as the human is being destroyed, the divine consciousness comes up. So one side of you is being annihilated, but the other side is stronger than ever in the ashes. So great dreams will come and light will become more and more vibrant. The divinity of life will become more and more naked to you. Miracles will take place to protect you. To anybody who comes to this path, the divine is both extremely ferocious and extremely tender. Ferocious to destroy the illusions, but tender to give the human being the courage to hang in there and do the work.

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Virgo New Moon: September 15, 2012

Sorry for the light posting over the past few weeks – I’m out of town this week and feeling quite refreshed and ready to get back to blogging! September 15th brings the New Moon in Virgo which highlights Ceres, the former asteroid which was reclassified in 2005. Ceres represents the nurturing of the body and our connection to our own bodies, and Virgo itself presides over the mundane details that we must attend to when we live in a human body. The food we eat, our personal hygiene, ordering the details of life – these are important qualities that Virgo manages and the inclusion of Ceres here makes this New Moon the perfect time to begin a project of self-care or making changes in the personal ecology of our lives to better support ourselves. Cleaning projects, new systems of managing our time and resources – all of these are highlighted under the Virgo New Moon. It is a mistake to believe that VIrgo is virginal – there is an earthiness and sensuality to Virgo just as with all earth signs.  The key here is to integrate that earthiness with our understanding so that we can gain greater comfort as spiritual beings having a human experience. Ceres aligns in a harmonious trine to Saturn and conflicts in a square to Mercury which sets up an interesting dynamic of comfort combined with stress in this relationship between the body and the spirit that culminates at the New Moon.  With this energetic tension at work in new lunar cycle we can discover new ways of looking at our relationship to the world around us – what it means to be incarnated in the physical reality in which we find ourselves. Mercury is also active in the chart of the New Moon since it conjoins the Sun AND rules the sign of Virgo.  The desire to perfect oneself through an understanding of the way the details of life come together are important now. Virgo is firmly grounded in the world and specializes in handling the details of the mundane reality in which we live.  But with such an active Mercury, it will be important to cultivate an awareness on an intellectual level as well as the instinctive realm of experience which Ceres brings to the party. The square between Uranus and Pluto is embedded into the New Moon chart which means that any endeavor begun now will have that transformational quality that Uranus and Pluto demand. It will be necessary to leave something behind and let go of outmoded realities and habits (Pluto) as we shift our energies into something new (Uranus). This New Moon is a turning point.  We are in the middle of the three-year Uranus/Pluto cycle, and the past year has seen a breakdown in many of the outmoded structures which underpin our lives.  At this New Moon there is the potential to carefully examine these circumstances and create a plan for a new way to live in the world and fully activate our own unique potentiality. For daily planetary updates visit my Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Astrological Musings Radio tomorrow: The Ceres archetype

Sunday morning at 11 am Eastern!  Tomorrow’s show, the first in a few weeks due to my bad flu which rendered me voiceless, will be a discussion of the Ceres archetype.  Ever since Ceres was reclassified with Pluto as a dwarf planet (I actually like the original name given to Pluto, Ceres and Eris:  The Plutoids), issues associated with Ceres such as the plight of women around the world and the health of the ecology of the planet have been at the forefront of global awareness.

We’ll be discussing Ceres, and then you’ll have a chance to call in with questions about your own chart if you’re a new caller.  To listen live, click on the player below at or after 11 am Eastern time on Sunday morning the 21st.  If you click on the player before that time you’ll get the last show.  The number to call in, or to listen to the show on your phone, is 646-478-5731.

To listen to the archives or subscribe to the podcast please visit my website for more information

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Earthquake and tsunami in Samoa

The earthquake yesterday in Samoa was a severe one, with a magnitude of nearly 8 on the Richter scale, resulting in a tsunami in the Samoan islands that have killed hundreds of people.

This event occurred as the Moon joined Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, but even more significant is the square of Ceres, the planet of nurturing and our relationship with the Earth, to Neptune in what is now a stellium in Aquarius.

Neptune of course represents the vast oceans, and the square of Ceres to Neptune is reminiscent of the devastation that Ceres caused to her devoted followers when her daughter Persephone was taken by Pluto into the underworld.  Sad and desperate, Ceres caused the crops to wither and die, and the people experienced a disastrous famine.

Ceres is rising in the chart of the earthquake event, which occurred at 6:48 am just south of Apia in the Samoan islands.  As the planet rising in the chart it is extremely powerful and suggests that our balance with the Earth is somehow implicated in the event.

Certainly earthquakes and tsunamis have occurred for millions of years and we can’t really say that our lack of care for the Earth has caused this current event.  But we live in a manner that does not respect the simultaneous power and fragility of our connection to the planet.  Humans continue to build settlements and cities in areas which are known to be risky locations for earthquakes and floods, assuming that the power of humanity is greater than the power of the planet.  Every now and then we have to realize that this is just not the case.

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Ceres and the Swine Flu Connection

One of the interesting blogs you’ll find in my blogroll is Todd Chapman’s “Through the Looking Glass.”  Todd is an avid watcher of meaningful connections, and he has over time made an fascinating study of connections involving Ceres.  Todd writes,

Anyone familiar with my entire body of work will surely know that some of my earliest posts centered around the ancient mid-April festival of Cerealia, held in the honor of the Roman Goddess CERES. One of the “highlights” of the Cerealia was the porca pracidanea, the ritual sacrifice of a PIG. In previous articles over the past two years, I have attempted to exhibit some the “pork” related happenings which also seem to coincide with a bloodier human ritual which has become common place during approximately the same dates of mid-April [see Ok. City, Columbine, Virgina Tech]

The festival of Cerealia occurred around April 12 to April 19, although the exact timing is now unknown. The image of Ceres, like Aphrodite and the other goddesses of the ancient world, has been watered down over the years.  Rather than the benign earth mother guise in which she appears today, in ancient Rome and in Greece as Demeter she could be a rather frightening figure who had complete control over the survival of humanity.  Remember that when her daughter was lost in the underworld Ceres/Demeter in her grief allowed her people to starve to death.

Conspiracy theorists are having a field day with the connection of the mass shootings that occurred in mid-April this year to the Cerealia festival, and now the eruption of the swine flu at this time is certainly an interesting coincidence.  The predominance of mass murders in the month of April has caused more than a few raised eyebrows.  The siege in Waco occurred on April 19 1993.  The Oklahoma City bombings occurred on April 19 1995.  The Columbine murders occurred on April 20 1999.  The Virginia Tech murders took place on April 16 2007.

The fact that the swine flu erupted into the news at precisely the time of year as the Cerealia festival which centered around the sacrifice of a pig is an interesting coincidence.  But rather than being an Illuminati conspiracy of Satan worship and mind control, I believe that this type of coincidence programs us to pay attention to our place in the natural world.

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