Jupiter in Cancer

Astrology today: Grand Cross update, April 21 2014

In April, a big lineup of planets in cardinal signs of action have created stress and tension with opportunities for release and transformation.  Transformation is not always easy, and the tension of the grand cross can bring conflict and crisis.  Sometimes the intensity is more than certain individuals can bear, and we see this play out in the news.

Mars, planet of aggression, has been traveling retrograde where it is dredging up old resentments and because it is traveling so slowly, its influence is stronger and lasts for a longer period of time.

Jupiter, planet of expansion and opportunity, is in Cancer where it is opening the heart and revealing our emotional sensitivity.

We are also dealing with Pluto, planet of death and rebirth, in Capricorn, an earth sign.  I have long predicted that when Pluto entered Capricorn we would see an abundance of earthquakes and earth changes, especially when Pluto aligned in a square (90 degree) aspect to Uranus.  Uranus is the planet that causes disruption and awakens change.

Yesterday the Moon entered the already tense Grand Cross, making a total of five planets and luminaries locked in this tight alignment.  Yet one day later, the world is still turning on its axis and not much has changed.

We have had difficult planetary alignments since 2008, and most intensively since 2011.  Many of us are becoming accustomed to this new degree of intensity, so a few days of heightened magnetism does not cause great distress.  It is generally at the beginning of these periods, when the new energies are just beginning to enter our consciousness, that we find them most difficult to manage.

I am not inclined to jump on the bandwagon of doom and gloom that predicts ongoing crisis for the next few years.  While it’s true that here in the US the Grand Cross hits sensitive points in the US chart, the US has had quite a few intense alignments including Uranus and Pluto transiting the angles of the chart – the power places that indicate significant transformation which we have indeed seen.  In addition, the US Saturn Return has led to deprivation across the country and a contraction of its economy for all but the wealthy.

In my view, the intensity of the alignments have peaked and if we can adjust to the new realities we will be able to move forward in our lives with confidence and success.

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The Watery Grand Trine of 2013

A Grand Trine occurs when three (or more) planets form a triangle and is generally thought to be a harmonious alignment. Trines work well together – they support each other and create ease but can also inspire laziness and complacency.  For this reason Grand Trines work best when combined with the more stressful aspects (such as squares and oppositions).  People generally think of trines as “good” and the stressful aspects as “bad,” but it’s the challenging aspects that motivate and strengthen.  Trines can encourage weakness and self-indulgence without the added balance of a more stressful influence.

A Grand Trine in water began in June and will be in effect for the entire year.  The primary planets involved are Jupiter (expansion and meaning), Saturn (restriction and structure) and Neptune (inspiration and spirituality).  Jupiter and Neptune together govern the spiritual life – Jupiter seeks meaning and encourages us to discover belief systems that give our life meaning, and Neptune inspires us to experience divinity first-hand through creative expression and spiritual bliss.  Saturn grounds these lofty matters into reality and requires that we take concrete steps towards spiritual growth.

Jupiter is in Cancer (I promise to have my article up soon!), Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, all water signs which emphasize the feelings and emotions.  Jupiter and Neptune tend to bring out the weakness of the Grand Trine since Jupiter is all about feeling good and Neptune seeks the path of least resistance in its journey towards cosmic bliss.  Saturn holds down the fort, grounding and requesting that we create structure in the journey towards comfort and relaxation.

Intuition and flow are of primary importance now and will help to soften the intensity of the push for change that is creating disruption for many of us if we remember not to seek the easy way out through spiritual escapism (Jupiter/Neptune).  In August and September Chiron will join the trio and facilitate the healing of wounds and softening of the hard edges that keep us stuck.

The Grand Trine will begin to fade in late September and October of 2013 as the square formation between Uranus and Pluto tightens again for the fourth time (there are seven total alignments, truly an astonishing number in a major cycle such as this one).  The gentleness of the Grand Trine can help us to rest and rejuvenate as we prepare for the next phase of the cycle.  This period can be best utilized through meditation, yoga, creative projects, art, music – any kind of structured expression of the spiritual and creative life.

Trines and triads, trinities and triskelions – the symbol of three has been an important one since the beginning of time, representing the interdependence of all of life.  The One and Duality are both contained in the Three, and all other numbers, and therefore life, come from this one fact.

Enrichment of the inner world enables us to better integrate the changes in the outer world over which we often have no control.  As we deepen our connection to our own spiritual experience and creative inspiration, we gain in understanding and wisdom that will help us to best utilize the groundbreaking forces at work right now.

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