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Burst into awakenings: Aquarius New Moon January 30, 2014

The way to the New Moon on January 30 is paved by a harmonious sextile aspect from the Sun to Uranus today (January 29th).  The Sun bestows life-giving energy and positive life force, and when it harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of awakening and change, there is a blossoming of potential that stirs the soul and inspires a departure from the ordinary.  Anything is possible now, but under the opposition from Jupiter to Pluto we must  be very mindful of our thoughts and longings, because you just might get what  you wish for.

Both of these influences are embedded in the chart for the Aquarius New Moon – a “double whammy” Aquarius influence because the Sun and Moon are both in a harmonious sextile to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius.  This is a time to shatter old paradigms and venture into the unfamiliar.  Break out of your routine and create something new in your life.

This New Moon is a “Supermoon,” a lunation that occurs when the moon is at perigee (closest to earth).  The term “Supermoon” is in common usage now, even by astronomers, but it was first coined by astrologer Richard Nolle to whom I like to always give credit.  When the Supermoon is a full moon, it appears larger than life in the sky – a powerful presence that connects us intimately and powerfully with the lunar instinctive side of our nature.  When the Supermoon is a New Moon it is not visible in the sky and therefore its influence is different than when the Moon is full. This is the second New Moon Supermoon in the month of January.

As the beginning of the new lunar cycle, the New Moon is a time to begin something new.  Early in January the Capricorn New Moon encouraged us to build structures that support and ground us – this time the Uranus/Aquarius influence of this New Moon supports and enhances the sense of new beginning and encourages us to break free of restrictions that hold us back.

Under the influence of Aquarius and Uranus every one of us has the potential to be a visionary.  Change begins from our intention and beliefs, and as we break out of the box of old patterns of belief we are able to create a new life for ourselves.

Venus, stationing as it prepares to turn direct, is in a conjunction to Pluto this week, intensifying our interpersonal relationships but encouraging us to embrace everything in our lives with greater passion.   Difficulties in partnerships will be resolved now, one way or the other, before Venus turns the corner to travel direct once again on January 31st. As Venus begins to pick up speed in her forward journey it will be easier to leave the past behind as we open more fully to the promise of the future.

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The Jupiter/Pluto opposition: this time with Venus

The most recent opposition (180 degree) formation between Jupiter and Pluto began last summer and you can catch up on that earlier article here.

Jupiter inspires us to find meaning in our lives by developing faith and belief in an ideal that works for us.  It therefore rules theology and religion, but also travel and exposure to other cultures that expand our minds.  Jupiter also presides over the realm of higher knowledge and the search for a truth that makes sense for us.  However, Jupiter’s need for continual expansion can result in an overinflated sense of reality that has no basis in the real world.  Pluto on the other hand demands nothing less than Truth with a capital “T” – the ultimate Truth that can be known  only when artifice and the superficial are discarded, and when Pluto interacts with Jupiter the inflated hopes and dreams of Jupiter can often be burst.

With Jupiter opposing Pluto we will likely see conflict between the small truths and the bigger Truths that underlie the very fabric of reality.  Jupiterian truths are like theologies – your truth may be different from mine.  Your politics may be different from mine.  But Truth is a reality that cannot change from one person to the next.

Many planetary cycles occur in three phases (although sometimes with Saturn there is only one, and with Neptune and Pluto there can be five and even, rarely, seven).  These cycles sometimes fall into a pattern of experience, although just as with all human experience there is a wide variation depending on the individual and the cycle.  The initiatory phase wakes us up with new information – there is a conflict beginning to awaken in the psyche.  During the second phase there is an adjustment that sometimes results in a crisis of some kind, and the third phase generally brings synthesis and completion.

With Uranus (radical change) in range of a challenging square to Pluto (destruction and regeneration)  throughout this cycle (see the sidebar for more details if this is new to you), Jupiter’s expansive influence serves to exacerbate the changes that are already underway.

The first phase of this Jupiter/Pluto cycle began in August of last year (2013).  That was a good time for the stock markets as Jupiter’s “irrational exuberance” took over.  Edward Snowden, who fled the US in May 2013 after leaking (Uranus) details on the US government surveillance program (Pluto), was given political asylum in Russia and liberated (Jupiter) from the airport in Russia in which he had been imprisoned.  Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post (Jupiter rules journalism), marking another transformation (Uranus/Pluto) in print media.

There was also an increase in violence the week of the exact opposition including an intensification in the Syrian civil war and clashes on the India/Pakistan border – ideological battlegrounds such as we would expect when Jupiter, the governor of ideologies and religion, is involved in a clash with Pluto, lord of destruction and transformation.

This upcoming second phase of the Jupiter/Pluto opposition will begin on the 31st with the opposition to Pluto and conclude on February 25th with the square to Uranus.  The entire month between the two alignments will likely bring escalations in the kind of ideological warfare we have seen over the past few years, but with an increase in crisis-level intensity there is a greater likelihood for resolution and ultimate transformation.  Unfortunately, for most humans it often takes a major crisis to generate real change, and that is the kind of energy this Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto cycle brings.

Venus is aligned with Pluto for the first half of the cycle, ripping away any illusions we may have and revealing important Truths that we may have been avoiding.  Venus is slowing down in preparation for its change of direction on the 31st, so it will remain connected with both Pluto and Jupiter for quite some time.  This will mean there is no more hiding where relationships are concerned – if transformation is required it will be difficult to resist.  Our alliances with others now are critical and they must be strengthened where they are weak.  Pluto’s role is to eliminate the chaff, leaving only the good stuff behind.

However, positive energy is supporting us in the shape of Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, which harmonizes with Venus, Jupiter and Pluto and helps us to move through challenging times and heal the wounds of the past.  This healing process provides the key to successful navigation of the stress of the next few months.

The last phase is in mid-April and includes Mars in a Grand Cross.  There is no doubt that this will be an intense period, but as it is the end of the cycle there is also the potential for that resolution to occur.   I’ll be writing more on that in the days to come.

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Jupiter square Uranus, opening wide the doors of liberation

If-You-Change-Nothing-Nothing-Will-ChangeWe are currently in the midst of a major planetary cycle: the square from Uranus to Pluto.  If this concept is new to you, please see the abbreviated explanation in the sidebar of this site.  

Jupiter formed an exact square to Uranus last week, the first of three exact alignments that will amplify the shifting tides in our personal lives as well as on the world stage that are creating the necessity for a complete overhaul (Uranus in Aries) of the very foundation of our lives (Pluto in Capricorn).  With a total of seven exact alignments spanning a period of nearly five years, this planetary cycle is like a hurricane of energy that will strip us of the aspects of our lives that are already in decay (Pluto) and encourage us to refine our lives so that they more authentically reflect who we truly are (Uranus).

Now here comes Jupiter, interacting first with Pluto earlier in August and now Uranus.  Jupiter brings confidence to one’s ventures; it dislikes restrictive boundaries and desires to  expand beyond them.  Jupiter and Uranus are both freedom planets but they behave differently astrologically.  Jupiter is a personal planet, so it represents the internal urge to grow and learn and to live a life that has real meaning for us.  As a transpersonal planet, Uranus inspires us to drop any artifice and react against restriction that keeps us from being authentic and true to ourselves.  When these two interact in the sky, especially in a strong aspect such as the square (90 degree) aspect, the pressure for liberation becomes powerful and impossible to ignore.

Warning: geeky astrological details ahead.  The next exact alignment between Uranus and Pluto occurs November 1 2013, but Jupiter will begin to “translate” that alignment in early 2014 when it first opposes Pluto on January 31st and then squares Uranus on February 26th.   On April 20th and 21st all three planets come together in an exact T-square alignment.

Back to the rest of my readers! The period between January and the end of April 2014 will be extremely significant and offer a tremendous portal for letting go of anything that is not working in your life.  Change is easier for some of us than for others – it requires a great deal of trust that the change will in fact be beneficial.  For many of us the old is familiar and feels safe – even though it may be horrific, it is what we know.  It is exactly  these situations that this kind of planetary cycle is intended for – to force us, despite our desperate attempts to cling to the rotting fabric of the past, to move forward into a brighter future.

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The Jupiter/Pluto opposition in the news

collisionAlthough the exact alignment between Jupiter and Pluto did not culminate until yesterday, the two great gods in the sky have been approaching each other for the past few weeks.

Jupiter is the King of the Gods and inspires expansive confidence and a righteous adherence to the belief systems which we hold dear.  I often get the feeling that Pluto laughs at the idea that Jupiter considers himself the King, since Pluto holds the key to life and death itself.  I suppose it’s because the father of Jupiter and Pluto, that nasty Saturn, ate all his children and only Jupiter escaped and managed to save the rest.

At any rate, as I wrote last week:  With Jupiter opposing Pluto we will likely see conflict between the small truths and the bigger Truths that underlie the very fabric of reality.  Jupiterian truths are like theologies – your truth may be different from mine.  Your politics may be different from mine.  But Truth is a reality that cannot change from one person to the next.

Over the past ten days or so that Jupiter and Pluto have been moving into alignment, the planet Mars was also involved.  Mars represents anger, haste, desire, impulsive behavior – it’s inclusion into the larger cycle has created some inflammatory situations across the globe.  Here are just a few:

  • There have been a number of plane and transportation crashes:
    • A train traveling at 195 mph crashed in Spain
    • A train in Quebec exploded and killed 47 people
    • Two trains collided in Switzerland, injuring 35.
    • In Louisiana a tanker train derailed and over 100 homes were evacuated due to the leakage of deadly chemicals (that’s Neptune in Pisces getting into the act).
  • A motorist drove through a crowd in Venice Beach, California, attempting to kill as many people as possible.

Mars is moving out of range of the Jupiter/Pluto alignment so things should settle down somewhat.  Meanwhile, Jupiter in Cancer is in a harmonious trine to Neptune in Pisces, as well as to Saturn in Scorpio as part of the Grand Trine alignment, so the tendency towards bloviastic (is that a word??) behavior will be toned down and a greater sensitivity underlies all of our endeavors now.

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