Leo Full Moon

Lunar eclipse in Leo, February 10 2017: A fiery awakening

Eclipses are said to awaken something which has been hidden – to unmask and expose truth.  The eclipse in Leo demands that we look at the ways in which we express our ego (Leo) and purify these expressions so that they truly reflect the depths of who we are (Aquarius).  This dance between the development of the personal Self (Leo) and the more detached and reasoned way of looking at the world (Aquarius) is a tricky one.

Fortunately this eclipse features a Grand Trine in fire, stimulating a desire for change and action, that is part of a Kite formation that grounds itself into the Aquarius Sun.  Kites are powerful aspects for transformation – they take the harmonious flow of the trine and activate it with an opposition that provides tension and a boost of energy.  The Grand Trine features Saturn in Sagittarius for earthy stability, Uranus in Aries for awakening and inspiration, and the Leo Moon for heart opening and embrace of Self.  And the Aquarius Sun, opposite the Moon, locks in the Kite and opens the doorways to higher understanding.

In addition, Jupiter (optimism and faith) harmonizes in a trine to the Sun, showering blessings and general good feelings throughout the eclipse event.

This is not a powerful eclipse astrologically – the lunar nodes are in a different sign that the Sun and Moon which weakens the effect. Asronomically it is a “penumbral” eclipse as only some of the Sun’s light is blocked by the shadow of Earth on the lunar face.  But there is a lovely energy to this lunar event which will be available to us if we are open to it.

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A Big Big Full Moon in Leo, February 2015

Leo Full Moon February 2015The Leo Full Moon on February 3rd is a powerhouse of enthusiasm and positive energy.  The sign of Leo is majestic and creative, always seeking ways to shine and express the uniqueness of the Self.  In this Full Moon, the Moon conjoins expansive Jupiter, bestowing confidence and abundance and opening the heart to greater potential for joy.

At the Leo Full Moon the Leo Moon opposes the Aquarius Sun, so there is a tension between the focus on the personal (Leo) and a push for a more transpersonal experience where all of humanity becomes equivalent to the individual self (Aquarius).  This tension is amplified by the presence of Jupiter, which aligns with the Moon to open the heart and opposes the Sun to plant a seed of dissatisfaction with the status quo and encourage us to seek ever greater experiences and personal admiration.  For Leo’s desire to shine from the open heart also contains a need for adulation from others that can be triggered by Jupiterian righteous confidence.

All Full Moons require balance and integration between two opposing polarities, and this dance between the development of the personal Self (Leo) a the more detached and reasoned focus on humanitarian service (Aquarius) is a tricky one.  Fortunately the Sun, in a harmonious sextile to Uranus, helps us to bridge that divide by exciting the mind and opening up new pathways for us to re-imagine the world around us.

There is a lineup now of planets in Pisces (Mars, Chiron, Venus and Neptune) ask that we surrender and let go of our ideas of who we are and what we must have for our happiness (Leo) in order to find a more transcendent bliss that comes directly from the Divine (Pisces).  The harmonious sextile from the Sun to Uranus excites us with new possibilities, and a conjunction of Uranus to the South Node (our evolutionary past) provides an opportunity to break free of an old pattern that may be holding us back.

A harmonious sextile from Mercury (mind and communication) to Saturn grounds and balances our thoughts and offers opportunities to see our lives in greater detail and with a more critical eye, beginning with the Full Moon and culminating on the 5th.  Since Mercury is retrograde and encouraging us to look backwards rather than forwards, this is a wonderful time to evaluate areas of life that may need improvement so that plans can be implemented after Mercury turns direct on the 11th.

The theme for this Full Moon is the balance between becoming our Very Best Selves under the Leo Moon yet still maintaining a higher awareness of our place on the planet and the way in which we fit into the human community.  Joy and love of life becomes balanced with a strong sense of justice, resulting in a happier and more effective human existence.


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Heart-opening Leo Full Moon for Valentine’s Day

Leo Full Moon

Tonight’s Full Moon offers a dramatic expression of the open heart, and not just because it’s Valentine’s Day.  This Full Moon is in Leo, the sign that is ruled by the Sun.  In medical astrology the Sun rules the physical heart, but there is also a generosity of spirit to Leo – a warmhearted openness to life and all of its complexities.  This generosity of Leo opens up the heart at this Full Moon and encourages a dramatic display of personal expression that is fueled by fire and the passion driven by a love of life itself.

All Full Moons contain a polarity between two opposing signs since the Sun in one sign is opposite the Moon in another. The solar conscious principle of the transpersonal sign Aquarius here opposes the lunar instincts of Leo – the inner child who longs to be recognized, admired and appreciated.

Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, and it represents contraction, hard work and isolation.  In this lunation (lunar event) it forms a challenging square aspect to both the Sun and the Moon – a double whammy of taciturn Saturn coldness.  This could bring sadness to those that are alone on Valentine’s Day – a day when it is easy to think that the entire world is in love and happier than we ourselves are.  Saturn brings a sensibility to the hype and fantasy surrounding this holiday which can bring feelings of deprivation no matter what our situation.   Saturn insists that we become anchored within ourselves to find balance between our needs for personal expression (Leo) and the distancing from the personal into the community of mankind (Aquarius) – between giving and receiving, between connection and solitude .

This Valentine’s Day Leo Full Moon encourages us to open the heart, no matter what our circumstance.  Some of us are in relationships, some are not.  Some are married, some have lost loved partners.  But what we all have in common is that unless our heart is open, we cannot experience love.   Love comes from within, and not from outside.  You can be in the happiest marriage and if your heart is closed you will still be unhappy.

The Sun aligns with retrograde Mercury (mind and communication) which literally shines a light on the need to communicate with our loved ones.  Because Mercury is retrograde there may be issues from the past that require resolution at the heightened emotional peak that the Full Moon typically brings.  With Mercury in opposition to the Moon, the mind and the heart are also in opposition.  We know one thing to be true in our mind, but we feel something else in the heart – at this Full Moon we discover that the Truth lies somewhere in between.

Fortunately a trine from Mars in Libra to both the Sun and Moon as well as Mercury, energizing us and fueling the desire (Mars) for harmony in our connections.  This sparkly Mars energy inspires and motivates us with courage to let go of our fears and open our hearts to whatever the magic of life may bring.  Whether you are with a loved one today or on your own, the heart can open to love in a new and special way – this is the blessing of today’s Leo Full Moon.

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Leo Full Moon, February 7 2012

art by Dave Archer. The Moon will be full in Leo on February 7th at 4:54 pm Est/9:54 pm GMT.  The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle – it’s a time when our goals and aspirations reach fulfillment as we prepare for the waning cycle during which we are generally asked to let go of something that no longer works in our ever-changing lives.

The Leo Full Moon is all about learning to become the very best “I” we can be. Leo instills a sense of healthy ego identification and joy – there is greater generosity and expansion of the heart. The Full Moon is a culmination of the cycle, and bringing something into form is an important piece of the intention here. Yet the Leo Moon is opposite the Aquarius Sun, necessitating a balance between our identification with the personal (Leo) and our lives as part of a collective (Aquarius).

This balance between the personal (Leo) and the transpersonal (Aquarius) is an interesting dichotomy for those of us on a path to spiritual and personal growth where the Ego is often considered a hindrance.  It can be tempting to try to extinguish the Ego (Leo) in favor of a transcended view in which all are one and the needs of the community are served first (Aquarius).  But astrological symbolism teaches us that there is no human quality that is more important than any other, and that all must exist simultaneously in balance.  So the Leo Full Moon asks that we delve deep within to find the source of that which makes us special, unique, and ready to open our hearts so that we can better serve the collective on all levels, from the very personal to the global community.  The Self is very present now, giving us an opportunity to allow ourselves to shine as we discovery the true Self that lies underneath the false illusions, fears and doubts.

Mercury conjoins the Sun on the day of the Full Moon, and it opposes the Moon so Mercury is tightly wound into the fabric of the lunation and brings a mental alertness and flow of ideas.  There is a sense of anticipation at this time, with Neptune having just entered Pisces and Venus at the 29th degree of Pisces, preparing to enter Aries. When planets change signs the energy shifts and we have a sense of movement.  Neptune entering Pisces has shifted our consciousness into a growing awareness of the need to let go of our attachment to the material world and learn to flow with the ebb and tides of our lives. Venus on the verge of Aries suggests that in our personal relationships, for a few weeks at least, we need to become more courageous and more adventurous as we connect with each other.

Saturn will turn retrograde just after the Full Moon and its motion has slowed down to a crawl, it is virtually stationary at the 29th degree of Libra.  The retrograde turn of Saturn brings our attention back into the past even as we feel pulled into the future, so as with any Saturn influence it is important to look very clearly at areas of our life in which we feel insecure or experience self-doubt.  These are areas that require greater attention now, and the Leo Full Moon, motivated as it is by self-expression and a general positive attitude about life, can help us to see where these changes are necessary and inspire us to overcome our blocks and move with enthusiasm towards our ideals and dreams.

The energy of the Full Moon generally lasts for 2-3 days after the event, so there will be time for us to integrate these blessings into our lives in a deeper way.

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New Moon in Leo, July 30 2011

Sun Gaian Tarot

from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

The New Moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle – the time when the Sun and the Moon are aligned at the exact degree.  It would be more accurately called the “Dark Moon,” since this alignment occurs before the Moon shows the first glimpse of herself in the early crescent phase, but in any case the New Moon marks the letting go of one area of life and the beginning of a new cycle.

As we move into the realm of Leo, we become more naturally oriented towards an awareness of our true Self and how we want it to be expressed in the outer world.  Leo is the sign of nobility, and it represents the Noble Self as well as the Divine Child.  Under the influence of Leo, we seek to become the best specimen of humanity that we can possibly be.

This Leo Moon is conjoined by Venus, which makes it the perfect time to begin new alliances in which we honor the Divine Child both in ourselves and in our friends, lovers, or business colleagues.  The kingly planet Jupiter forms a strong aspect, a square, to the lunation (lunar event), offering an expansive means to stretch beyond any limitations that keep us from exploring our pure potential.  Because this Jupiter/Moon aspect is a square, there is some danger here that we might take this natural abundance of positive ego to an extreme and cross that delicate line between a healthy ego and self-centered egotism.

Mercury in the New Moon chart is in humble Virgo which will likely apply the brakes if the ego becomes too expansive.  In Virgo the mind becomes focused on the details of life and serving others rather than ourselves.  Virgo and Leo are not natural allies so balance will be required in order for the Divine Child to be allowed its full expression.  Chiron (wounding and healing) and Neptune (imagination and spiritual experience) both oppose Mercury in the chart, setting the stage for us to be able to work through old wounds that have kept us from affording ourselves with a healthy degree of respect and self-love.

Mercury is stationing now in preparation for its retrograde turn on August 2nd, at which time it will retrograde back into Leo and help us to form ideas (Mercury) to achieve the generosity and bigheartedness of Leo in our lives.

While the square of Uranus and Pluto reaches its peak at this time, generating plenty of revolutionary (Uranus) fervor against the power structures (Pluto), Pluto is dancing in a sextile with Chiron which helps to facilitate the healing process and create a safety net within which we can continue to release the wounds of the past, especially those which have damaged the Divine Child within.

The sign of Leo naturally looks for joy in every aspect of life.  This joy can only come about when we are no longer blocked by emotional damage.  So you can utilize the Leo New Moon to have a party… it can also serve as an opportunity to find true joy by moving more deeply into the Self within.

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