Saturn in Sagittarius

Optimism and dreams vs cold hard reality in 2015: Round 1

One thing I love about the astrological language is that everything has both a positive and negative aspect.  The confidence and abundance of Jupiter and Sagittarius have a dark shadow: complacence and laziness.  The stress and challenge of Saturn and Capricorn have a bright side: focus and achievement.  The creativity and spiritual magic of Neptune and Pisces can also bring illusion, delusion and confusion.

But there’s no sugar coating the fact that energies of expansion conflict with energies of contraction, and we have a great deal of this push/pull going on right now.  Saturn (restriction) moved into Sagittarius (expansion) in late 2014 and then retrograded back into Scorpio until this month.  Saturn’s passage through Sagittarius over the next two years will enable us to harness our dreams and yearnings into a focused plan for success.  However, it will also test our confidence and potentially create an environment where distress can occur.

Sagittarius rules religion, philosophy and other shared ideologies, as well as air travel and the mixing of foreign cultures.  Saturn in Sagittarius has brought with it the challenges (Saturn) of migration (Sagittarius) in Europe and of course even more stress (Saturn) from ideological conflict (Sagittarius).  This conflict accelerated in August when Saturn formed a challenging square to Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius and brought these issue to a fevered pitch.

Jupiter is now in Virgo – an earth sign which, like Saturn, demands a level of practicality which Jupiter is typically not that comfortable with.  Jupiter seeks to perpetually grow and evolve, and Virgo wants to hold back and create order so the conflicting energies of expansive dynamic creation with repression and reorganization will continue to react against one another, potentially causing an eruption or crisis.

As I write this, Jupiter is now opposite Neptune.  Jupiter and Neptune have a lot in common because they are both co-rulers of Pisces, the sign that presides over our dreams, creativity and spiritual yearnings.  Jupiter’s expansive and buoyant nature is a natural ally for Neptune’s inspiration, so even the more challenging interactions, like the current opposition, are less fraught with conflict than some other planetary combinations.  There is nearly unlimited creative potential to be unlocked here, as well as an expansion of the inner spiritual heart.

Later in October Jupiter will also form an opposition to Chiron.  Chiron regulates the emotional distress that we hold in our body’s energy system, and its interaction with Jupiter will help to liberate this distress so that it can be processed.  For some of us this will be an exciting and freeing experience – for others it could be painful as those old wounds emerge into the conscious mind, ready to be set free.

This swirl of conflicting energies will continue for the next month or two at least, so go ahead and settle into that solid ground under your feet as you reach for the stars and allow your heart to open to your highest potential.

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Saturn on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp

Saturn, the planet of tests and challenges, entered Sagittarius in December but then retrograded back into Scorpio between June 14th and will move back into Sagittarius on September 17th.

While Saturn was in Scorpio, the sign that rules intensity, power, and sexuality among many other things, we saw a rise of sexual abuse allegations, including the eruption of a long-suppressed case against Bill Cosby, the exposure of sexual abuse rings in Britain, and the revelation of secrets after the hack of the Ashley Madison cheating website.  (Read more about Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn is the teacher of the planetary pantheon, and it brings lessons into every sign through which it travels.  Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius has already brought challenges to transportation and immigration, both of which fall under the Sagittarius umbrella.  When Saturn retrograded back into Scorpio to complete its tasks there it didn’t leave behind the Sagittarian issues.

Immigration will obviously be a critical aspects of this 2-1/2 year trip of Saturn through Sagittarius which rules long distance travel and the exposure to foreign cultures which expand the mind.  Immigration is already shown to be a highlight of campaigns for the 2016 election as Republicans propose ways to keep out immigrants not only from Mexico but from Canada as well.  Floods of immigrants attempting to escape Syria are changing the face of Europe, and the result of further integration of Muslim culture with old Europe will bring with it a new set of challenges.  Camps to restrict (Saturn) the movement of these migrants is already causing problems which will continue to increase under Saturn’s passage through Sagittarius.

The lessons of each sign lead us to the next – in Scorpio we face our demons – the darkness that lies beneath that rips away anything which keeps us from absolute Truth.  In Sagittarius we raise our eyes to the broad sky and search for answers outside of ourselves – we find freedom from darkness and embrace the light. While Saturn makes its way back from Scorpio to Saturn we can take the best of the journey to the Scorpio underworld and carry it with us into the Sagittarian adventure.

Read more about Saturn in Sagittarius here. 

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Planetary Illuminations: Astrological Forecast for September 2015 now posted

astrologerFull article here.  September is looking like a pretty amazing month – not too many big planetary aspects creating stress and conflict, but planets changing direction, changing signs, and two SuperMoons (term coined by Richard Nolle) that are also eclipses.  Eclipses are indicators of evolution, both personal and global, as well as the unmasking of hidden motivators and blockages from the past that are ready to be cleared.

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Meanwhile, here is the introduction with the major events for September!

The big news in September is the change of directions of three different planets.  First we have Venus turning direct on September 6th after a period of retrograde motion since July 25th. Venus presides over all that we value – our relationships, certainly, but also our relationship to money, our possessions, and our own feelings about our ability to attract positive things in life.  While Venus is retrograde we often re-evaluate what is important to us, re-connect with old friends and re-assess our financial position.  Venus is often associated with reversals in the financial markets and we saw this take place right on schedule.

Mercury (mind and communication) will be retrograde between September 17th and October 9th in the sign of Libra. While in Libra Mercury brings our attention to fairness and ways to achieve balance in our lives – in our relationships, but also in our conversations with others, our business partnerships, and our financial dealings.  Libra is ruled by Venus so there is an echo of the importance of Venus with these two planets changing direction.

Saturn (restriction and discipline) first entered expansive Sagittarius in December 2014, and then retrograded back into Scorpio where it has remained for the past few months.  It re-enters Sagittarius on the 17th, leaving behind the intensity of Scorpio and the concern over sexual abuse and scandal to begin to trigger issues of religion and dogma, travel, and optimism that is based on fantasy (all Sagittarius themes).  (You can read more about Saturn in Sagittarius here.)

Jupiter (abundance and opportunity) opposes Neptune (mystical creativity and spirituality) on the 17th, but this influence will build throughout the early part of September.  Jupiter and Neptune are related through their co-rulership of the sign of Pisces – both planets are concerned with matters that take the human being beyond the mundane world and offer an experience of higher mind (Jupiter) and soul (Neptune).  The two-three week period around the 17th offers an opportunity to release the shackles of limitation but also the danger of illusion and deception.

Finally, Pluto (power and transformation) turns direct on September 25th.  The outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) typically spend about half the year in retrograde motion and during this time they travel very short distances.  For this reason, retrograde planets have a more intense personal influence than they do when traveling direct.  Once Pluto turns direct it will pick up speed and the transformations that have been brewing will become more evident and easier to manage.


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Jupiter in Virgo 2015-2016

Jupiter in VirgoJupiter entered Virgo on August 11th, 2015 and will remain in that sign until September 9, 2016.  Because Jupiter’s orbital period is about 12 years, it spends about a year in each sign.

Jupiter, in his role as King of the Gods, inspires us to higher aspirations – to be bigger and better than we ever thought we could be.  Jupiter bestows confidence and the kind of faith that tends to bring good things our way – but it also can create an overblown sense of entitlement and grandiosity.  Jupiter is also connected to the search for meaning that separates humans from other creatures, and presides over theology and philosophy as well as constructs of law that underpin human society.

Jupiter’s expansion is not all that happy in the orderly sign of Virgo.  Over the next year you can expect greater focus on expressing one’s higher self (Jupiter) through service to others (Virgo), but also a diminishment of the kind of confidence and positivity that we experienced under Jupiter in Leo.  Jupiter is said to be in its detriment in Virgo because the expansiveness of Jupiter is impaired by Virgo’s need to create order out of minute details.  However, Jupiter’s relentless optimism can sometimes result in a careless complacency that keeps us from being able to achieve our goals and realize our dreams,. The passage of Jupiter through Virgo can enhance our work ethic and facilitate our ability to successfully navigate the many details of modern life.

The next year will be a time when managing of those small details in our lives becomes critical.  This dynamic will echo somewhat the restrictive force of Saturn in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, making this a better time for responsible attention to the mundane than walking around with our heads in the clouds.

With Virgo ruling matters of health and hygiene as well as organization and self-improvement, the next twelve months will be an important time to focus on creating a healthy ecology for the mindbody/spirit system.

Under Jupiter in Virgo the pathway to good luck and good fortune is not through the ego as it was when Jupiter was in Leo, but through attending to the mundane details of life and attaining greater awareness of our connection to spirit through the physical world.

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Saturn turns retrograde: The mentor at work

The planet Saturn governs restriction of all kinds – the sense of being blocked from your goals and dreams, the commitments that are required in order to establish a government, a corporation or a marriage.  Saturn can bring delays to our accomplishments and disappointments and failure.

Still, at the heart of the matter Saturn serves as a mentor.  When we want to improve our skills, we often hire a mentor or a teacher to help.  When we want to feel good about life and find big experiences to give our lives meaning, we go to Jupiter.  But if we want to apply ourselves in a serious manner to hone our craft, Saturn is a much better teacher.  A good teacher won’t pass us when our grades are failing, and will point out our faults so that we can improve.  This is not as enjoyable as a nice Jupiterian experience of superconfidence, but in the long run it helps to build strength and endurance and ultimately, a successful life in the physical plane.

Saturn turns retrograde today at nearly 5 degrees Sagittarius, and for the past month it has barely traveled a degree as it slowed down in preparation for its change of direction.  Saturn turns retrograde every year so this is not an unusual occurrence, but during this retrograde Saturn will pass back into Scorpio between June 14th and September 17th.  Because of Saturn’s role as a teacher (some call him the Lord of Karma), when Saturn appears to move backwards in the sky from our perspective he calls on us to clear up any messy situations that may still be lingering in the cosmos of our lives.  Unfinished situations often will blow up in our faces if not tended to, and this is particularly true when we are dealing with Saturn.  When Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio we will be cleaning up situations of power imbalances, secrets and betrayals, emotional damage that we are holding onto.

While Saturn is retrograde it’s helpful to remember the importance of honoring our commitments and responsibilities, including (and maybe especially) those we make to ourselves.  It will be helpful now to look towards the past for information about how to better move into a more productive future.  Making plans and developing strategies are the kind of things that Saturn loves, so this is a good time for better organization and attention to the practical matters at hand.


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