Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp

Saturn, the planet of tests and challenges, entered Sagittarius in December but then retrograded back into Scorpio between June 14th and will move back into Sagittarius on September 17th.

While Saturn was in Scorpio, the sign that rules intensity, power, and sexuality among many other things, we saw a rise of sexual abuse allegations, including the eruption of a long-suppressed case against Bill Cosby, the exposure of sexual abuse rings in Britain, and the revelation of secrets after the hack of the Ashley Madison cheating website.  (Read more about Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn is the teacher of the planetary pantheon, and it brings lessons into every sign through which it travels.  Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius has already brought challenges to transportation and immigration, both of which fall under the Sagittarius umbrella.  When Saturn retrograded back into Scorpio to complete its tasks there it didn’t leave behind the Sagittarian issues.

Immigration will obviously be a critical aspects of this 2-1/2 year trip of Saturn through Sagittarius which rules long distance travel and the exposure to foreign cultures which expand the mind.  Immigration is already shown to be a highlight of campaigns for the 2016 election as Republicans propose ways to keep out immigrants not only from Mexico but from Canada as well.  Floods of immigrants attempting to escape Syria are changing the face of Europe, and the result of further integration of Muslim culture with old Europe will bring with it a new set of challenges.  Camps to restrict (Saturn) the movement of these migrants is already causing problems which will continue to increase under Saturn’s passage through Sagittarius.

The lessons of each sign lead us to the next – in Scorpio we face our demons – the darkness that lies beneath that rips away anything which keeps us from absolute Truth.  In Sagittarius we raise our eyes to the broad sky and search for answers outside of ourselves – we find freedom from darkness and embrace the light. While Saturn makes its way back from Scorpio to Saturn we can take the best of the journey to the Scorpio underworld and carry it with us into the Sagittarian adventure.

Read more about Saturn in Sagittarius here. 

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Saturn turns retrograde: The mentor at work

The planet Saturn governs restriction of all kinds – the sense of being blocked from your goals and dreams, the commitments that are required in order to establish a government, a corporation or a marriage.  Saturn can bring delays to our accomplishments and disappointments and failure.

Still, at the heart of the matter Saturn serves as a mentor.  When we want to improve our skills, we often hire a mentor or a teacher to help.  When we want to feel good about life and find big experiences to give our lives meaning, we go to Jupiter.  But if we want to apply ourselves in a serious manner to hone our craft, Saturn is a much better teacher.  A good teacher won’t pass us when our grades are failing, and will point out our faults so that we can improve.  This is not as enjoyable as a nice Jupiterian experience of superconfidence, but in the long run it helps to build strength and endurance and ultimately, a successful life in the physical plane.

Saturn turns retrograde today at nearly 5 degrees Sagittarius, and for the past month it has barely traveled a degree as it slowed down in preparation for its change of direction.  Saturn turns retrograde every year so this is not an unusual occurrence, but during this retrograde Saturn will pass back into Scorpio between June 14th and September 17th.  Because of Saturn’s role as a teacher (some call him the Lord of Karma), when Saturn appears to move backwards in the sky from our perspective he calls on us to clear up any messy situations that may still be lingering in the cosmos of our lives.  Unfinished situations often will blow up in our faces if not tended to, and this is particularly true when we are dealing with Saturn.  When Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio we will be cleaning up situations of power imbalances, secrets and betrayals, emotional damage that we are holding onto.

While Saturn is retrograde it’s helpful to remember the importance of honoring our commitments and responsibilities, including (and maybe especially) those we make to ourselves.  It will be helpful now to look towards the past for information about how to better move into a more productive future.  Making plans and developing strategies are the kind of things that Saturn loves, so this is a good time for better organization and attention to the practical matters at hand.


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Saturn in Sagittarius: 2014-2017

Saturn entered Sagittarius on December 23rd and will remain in that sign until June 14, 2015 when it will retrograde back into Scorpio until September 17, 2015 when it will move back into Sagittarius until it leaves on December 19, 2017.

The planet Saturn serves as the teacher and the mentor and he is often feared because his lessons can be quite strict.  He is known for creating delays and disappointments, for applying the brakes when all we want to do is move forward, and for manifesting as back problems, car problems and financial troubles if we fail to heed his warnings.

In medieval astrology Saturn was known as the “greater malefic” (with Mars as the “lesser malefic”) – his presence in the birth chart was thought to bring ruin and misery.  Saturn is considered malefic in Vedic astrology as well, representing the principle of karma that is inescapable and unchangeable. (more…)

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More sexual abuse allegations under Saturn in Scorpio


Image from Scriptonite

Image from Scriptonite

Last fall I wrote about the surge of prosecution for sexual violence that began when Saturn entered Scorpio:

Saturn entered Scorpio about a year ago and will take another year and a half or so to travel through that sign.  Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars and its modern ruler is Pluto, and these are the two planets that govern sexuality.  Mars deals with the physical drives including the sexual drive and energy, and Pluto addresses matters of intimacy and the “petit mort” of sexual surrender. Pluto is also fearless when it comes to the dark side of the human experience, and we often find rape and abusive behaviors under its banner, and Scorpio tends to be an investigator in areas of life where the more carefree signs might fear to venture.

In its role as Celestial Teacher, Saturn brings consequences and lessons in areas of life governed by the sign it travels through, and we have seen many instances in the news over the past year in which governmental bodies (Saturn) are getting tough on sexual violence (Scorpio) in their communities. …

Saturn’s last journey through Scorpio occurred between 1983 and 1985.  Pluto had also just entered Scorpio and the AIDS crisis (death/Pluto through sexuality/Scorpio) began.   At the same time there was an eruption of child sexual abuse cases and the concept of repressed (Pluto) memories of sexual abuse (Scorpio) brought women out of the closet into the therapist’s office.  Those years between 1983 and 1985 while Saturn was in Scorpio brought the phenomenon of childhood sexual abuse into the public eye.  In 1983, April was designated National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Now a sexual abuse scandal in the UK that has its roots in the 1980s has emerged, rocking the British government to its very core, revealing that high level politicians took boys and girls out of care facilities to abuse sexually.  We see the workings of Pluto in Capricorn here as well – the destruction (Pluto) of the governmental structure (Capricorn) that permitted these horrific actions to take place.  The cover-up may have extended all the way to then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The astrological timing of the emergence of the scandal is interesting since it falls an exact Saturn cycle after the alleged abuse occurred.  Saturn is the prosecutor – he presides over rules and generally demands that the line be toed.  Under Saturn in Scorpio Pope Francis has made Vatican history by implementing a justice system (very Saturnian!) against abusers of children.

Saturn’s travels through Scorpio involve a clearing in more than just sexuality – the deepest recesses of the psyche are being excavated now and there is tremendous potential for healing and deep psychological work. Those of us with an active Scorpio or Pluto emphasis in the chart are meant to live in this realm, and Saturn in Scorpio sends us back to school so that we will more willingly enter the dark side.  Those of us with lots of Jupiter or Sagittarius will be the most uncomfortable in the Scorpionic darkness, but Saturn’s teachings will be a required course nevertheless.

The human experience consists of both light and darkness, and the mission of Saturn in Scorpio is to relish that darkness and fight the light therein.

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Catching up on the news, astrological and otherwise

One of these days I will write a post on my own personal astrology.  It’s been quite something: the end of my Saturn return this summer and fall, the square of Uranus and Pluto falling right on my Chiron, and now Saturn sitting on my Mercury making it very difficult to come up with anything creative to say which explains why you have heard less of me recently.

But in the  meantime… we had an election, and Obama was elected.  There were no hanging chads, very few Mercury retrograde fiascos (unless you count Mitt Romney’s victory webpage and voting problems in Florida that have more to do with their political system than Mercury.  Now that we’re past the election, though, the political situation in the US seems very much the same as it did previous to the election: gridlock and partisan bickering.

Saturn is now in Scorpio and suddenly there has been an eruption of sex scandals and sexual abuse allegations.  Saturn was last in Scorpio in the early 1980s, joined by Pluto in 1983.  We saw this kind of surfacing of sexual abuse the last time Saturn was in Scorpio, but of course the presence of Pluto intensified the drama and brought out the dark side to a far greater extent than what we are likely to see now.

Neptune turns direct today so don’t be surprised if things are a bit murkier than usual right now.  While Neptune is stationary in the sky, creative inspiration is powerful and we can find it easier to achieve a transcendence in our spiritual life that is normally more difficult.  Meditation and prayer are important now, but so is music, art, nature and other activities that create a deep sense of inner well-being and a feeling of being connected to something greater. Neptune demands that we let go of what we think of as reality so that we can open up to a greater Universe of experience within us.

However, Neptune has another side – confusion and delusion; Neptunian mists can shroud the truth from our view and present an alternative witness.  Still, the power of Scorpio is strong right now with the Scorpio New Moon (eclipse) coming up on Tuesday.  This is no time for superficial fluff – Scorpio demands nothing less than Truth.

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