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Donald Trump astrological update: The “Will He Quit?” edition

If you haven’t already done so, you will probably want to read my profile of Mr. Trump from last year here.  Please note that this post is for astrological interest only and is not intended to disparage.)

The presidency of Donald Trump is now well underway, and it has been an interesting one.  Mr. Trump recently admitted that being President is harder than he thought it would be. As I wrote in my earlier post, Mr. Trump’s chart has Mars in Leo right on the Leo ascendant, a powerful influence that reflects his need to shine in the spotlight and be admired..  Mars is the planet of aggression and independence – Mars does not like to be thwarted or regulated and neither does Mr. Trump.

We would expect someone with Trump’s supreme confidence to have a strong Jupiter component, and we see that Jupiter (planet of good luck and self-righteousness) in the 2nd house of money in a harmonious trine to the Sun.  This trine of Jupiter to the Sun tends to bestow a sense of having been chosen by the gods – there is a tendency towards luck and the kind of success that comes from an abundance of positive thinking.  His Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius Moon helps to cement that super-confidence into a belief system that is virtually unshakeable.

However, there are no planets in earth elements in Trump’s birth chart which would help to ground him and give him a practical sense of moving through the world.  He is all fire and air – energy, enthusiasm and ideas.

One tool that astrologers use for forecasting is the progressed chart which shows how the individual is progressing through time.  In Trump’s progressed chart, the Midheaven (career and public life) is moving towards an alignment with Saturn (tests and challenges).  This influence causes an individual to look more seriously on their life and desire to take on a greater role with more authority – however, there are challenges to be met with Saturn involved.

Click here for chart.  Beginning in December and January Saturn began a cycle affecting other areas of his chart as well, triggering the Full Moon lunar eclipse in his chart which challenges all of his ideas of who he thinks he is.  The Full Moon personality tends to be larger than life, and because that dynamic is also an eclipse there is an unmasking of the emotions that can be difficult to manage. This Saturn cycle will last throughout 2017.

Beginning in May we will see (and are already seeing) a shakeup (Uranus) in the relationships and alliances (Venus) that Trump has surrounded himself with.  At the same time, harmonious aspects to Mars (aggression) enhances his boldness and desire to act swiftly and without much aforethought although the influence of Saturn will frustrate his efforts to act freely.

I don’t really see anything in these planetary cycles to suggest that the frustration will become severe enough to cause him to quit the presidency.  If he does survive this first year, a challenging square from Saturn (frustration) to Neptune (confusion) will erode his confidence and clarity and make it difficult to find a clear path.  This planetary cycle is usually accompanied by a recommendation not to make major decisions, but of course this will not be possible for the president of the United States.

Let’s not forget that the US Pluto Return will begin in 2020-2021 (just a few short years away), and talk of a constitutional crisis is not surprising.  Pluto cycles tend to bring about intense change and the collapse of systems together with the re-emergence of new ones.  The changes that are occurring in the US political system are merely a harbinger of those changes still to come.



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Report on the Full Moon Summer Solstice

While the Summer Solstice is usually celebrated on June 21st, the astrological Solstice occurs when the Sun enters Cancer, and that occurred this year on June 20th.  This Summer Solstice coincided with the Full Moon, something we hadn’t seen apparently since 1948 (according to news reports).

The Sun is strongest in a sign when it first enters that sign, and when the Sun enters one of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) it is even stronger.  The cardinal signs initiate a new season – a new phase in human life – and the energies in the Solstice and Equinox charts are often used to forecast the weather for the season.

The Full Moon occurred at the 29th degree of Sagittarius – the so-called “anaretic” degree.  The 29th degree, sometimes called the “critical” or “anaretic” degree, is associated with the endings of cycles and new beginnings.  The word “anaretic” derives from “anareta,” which in medieval astrology signified the planet of death in the natal horoscope.  This is likely what has given the 29th degree such a bad rap in traditional astrology, although endings are actually the harbinger of new beginnings and not to be feared.

So we have the conclusion of a lunar cycle occurring at the same time as a beginning of a solar cycle – a confluence of events that signifies a closing of one door and an opening of another.  The Sagittarius Full Moon seeks expansive dreams and increased wisdom, and the Summer Solstice and Cancerian Sun brings fertility and water to nurture the soil and plants.

However, with Saturn (rules and boundaries) in Sagittarius (expansion and faith) we have to continue to set limits and be realistic (Saturn) and careful not to let the Sagittarius confidence expand beyond the bounds of reason.  Saturn is in a challenging square to Neptune right now, challenging our ideals and putting a kibosh on our dreams until we have built a solid foundation on which they can thrive.

This Saturn/Neptune square sometimes corresponds to a sense of spiritual deprivation which makes this a good time to bring our attention back to a spiritual (Neptune) practice (Saturn).  Neptunian spirituality is not always meditation or something directly spiritual – it can be a practice of music or art which also helps us to transcend the boundaries of ordinary consciousness.  Magic is needed during these times – but we must temper our search for Magic with the care and diligence of Saturn as long as this square is in effect.

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Planetary Illuminations for November 2015 now posted

November 2015 astrologyYour astrological forecast for November 2015 can be found here.  Each month I send a report on these planetary events translated into plain English that is easy to understand.  To receive this FREE report please sign up in the sidebar.

In the meantime, here is the review of the major events of the month to help you get ready!

During the month of November we make the giant leap from the rich darkness of Scorpio to the upbeat expansiveness of Sagittarius.  This year’s Scorpio season is lighter on Scorpio energy than in previous years.  In early November we have only the Sun in Scorpio, and there is a predominance of Mutable (adaptable) energies to soften the Scorpionic intensity.   We still have five planets along theVirgo/Pisces axis along with the lunar nodes, so this polarity between the physical reality that Virgo inhabits and the dreamy mysticism of Pisces still requires balance.

We also see the completion of the Mars/Venus conjunction cycle that began back in February and encouraged us to find a way to balance the yang energy of Mars and the yin receptivity of Venus in order to find more equilibrium both within us, and in our relationships with others and with the outer world.  As the cycle ends, Mars and Venus align with the North Node (the point of Destiny), suggesting that there is a portal into a significant transformation now which will illuminate the path to our future.

Jupiter (expansion) opposes Chiron (wounding and healing) early in November, the beginning of a cycle which will extend into the summer of 2016, pushing our boundaries (Jupiter) in order to facilitate the healing of the soul (Chiron).  This is not always an easy process, but it is an important one for personal development.

Chiron and Neptune (spirituality) both change direction in November – they have both been traveling retrograde and they will both turn direct this month.  When a planet changes direction its motion (as observed by us from Earth) slows down and its influence is intensified, especially if one of those planets is hitting a sensitive point in our chart.  Chiron’s laser beam will reveal the core of an old wound which is ready to emerge and be healed, and Neptune’s blessings will perhaps create some confusion as we learn to turn within and seek the answers from the divine within us rather than the outer world.

Finally, the Saturn/Neptune square begins at the end of the month.   Conflict between our dreams and ideals (Neptune) and the practical reality of life on Earth (Saturn) may take center stage and require integration – the practical (Saturn) dreamer (Neptune), imaginative (Neptune) routines (Saturn), spirituality (Neptune) with a solid foundation of practice (Neptune) – these are all excellent ways to integrate Saturn and Neptune into greater wholeness.

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Seeking comfort and healing under the Taurus Full Moon October 27th

When the Moon is full and brightest in the sky, it is always opposite the Sun, meaning the Moon and Sun are in opposite signs.  Signs in oppositions are polarities – there is a tension between the energies and a need to find balance.

Normally the Solar energy is more powerful than the Lunar.  The Moon moves more quickly, and its influence tends to be fleeting.  But at the fulfillment of the lunar cycle, when the waxing portion of the cycle is complete and the waning portion is about to begin, the Moon is at her most glorious and her influence is most potent.

The Taurus Full Moon on October 27th seeks comfort in the physical world – it is a sign that fully appreciates the sensory experiences that can be enjoyed through life in a body. as well as security through financial stability and a safe expectation that one day will follow another without too many surprises.  The Taurean need for peacefulness and balance is opposed by the Scorpio Sun which demands an added layer of probing and emotional intensity.  Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs – they create power through perseverance.  But Taurus is ruled by Venus and Scorpio by Mars – and under the Taurus Full Moon the Venusian influence of love and harmony must work through the Martian focus on desire and motivation in order to find true balance.

In this Full Moon a triple conjunction from both Mars (energy), Venus (relating) and Jupiter (confidence and good fortune) are embedded in this chart which is generally very positive since the planetary rulers of the Full Moon (Mars and Venus) are aligned with Jupiter’s supreme beneficence and good vibes.  However, the strong presence of Chiron’s pressure to heal the unhealed wounds which is activated in the chart  (opposite this Jupiter triple conjunction) suggests that in order to find the serenity of the Taurus Full Moon, we must first travel through the portal of the pain of old hurts in order to find the true blessing of healing and wisdom.

I have been attending a lovely Women’s Chorus recently led by local singer songwriter Kathleen Hannan, and one of the songs we have been working on really speaks to this in a beautiful way:

As you take the backward step
That turns your light to illuminate your self
Body and mind naturally fall away
And your original face remains
And your original face remains

(Here is the link to Kathleen’s blog with the sound file of the song and the story behind it.)

This duality between the body/mind and the “original face,” the Self that is present when the dramas are released, is a powerful experience that is enhanced by the powerful square aspect between Saturn (structure and reality) and Neptune (transcendence and illusion) which is beginning to tighten.

This is the last SuperMoon of the year, so its influence is amplified.  With Saturn starting to tighten a square to Neptune It will become more and more important to separate our dreams and illusions (Neptune) from what we know to be fact (Saturn) and learn to stretch the way we perceive reality (Saturn) in order to accommodate those dreams and fill our lives with magic and the knowledge of who we really are, apart from the trappings of the physical world AND the illusions of the spiritual. Fortunately this Full Moon helps us to do just that.


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The astrology of vaccines and the Saturn/Neptune square

vaccines astrologyAs an astrologer it is interesting to watch how current planetary cycles play out in the news.  Saturn just moved into Sagittarius where our belief systems (Sagittarius) are being challenged, and right now Saturn is within two degrees or so of a challenging square to Neptune.

Saturn as many of you know is the Celestial Teacher of the astrological pantheon – he is the voice that scolds us when we are unrealistic and the guide who allows us to make stupid mistakes in the name of learning.  In the sign of Sagittarius over the next couple of years he will challenge our ideas of what gives meaning to our world, and threaten our most closely held belief systems – all for the sake of greater mastery of the material world which is the true goal of Saturn in our lives.

Neptune is the planet of spirituality and imagination, but also delusion and addiction.  Under Neptune’s influence we seek an experience that goes beyond the material world – ideally through the higher practices of meditation, art or music but sometimes through fantasy and an unrealistic approach to life.  When Saturn and Neptune form a challenging aspect in the sky, the reality factor (Saturn) conflicts with the desire to escape that reality (Neptune).

The recent flareup of concern over unvaccinated children at this particular time shows the confusion (Neptune) around the area of vaccine safety, and Saturn in Sagittarius is challenging our belief systems that guide us.  The federal government provides a religious  (Sagittarius) exemption for parents who choose not to vaccinate their children which is likely to be challenged under Saturn’s influence.

Right now this whole issue appears to be mostly centered in political rhetoric, but later in the year when the Saturn/Neptune square tightens this issue is likely to take more of a central role in mainstream discussion.