Virgo Full Moon

Full Moon in Virgo March 12 2017: Order out of Chaos

Every Full Moon is full of gifts and blessings, and this one is no exception.  Virgo is an earth sign, which means it helps us to ground into our bodies and the physical realm.  Ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind, it also helps us to ground our thoughts and ideas into a structure and organization that can aid us in finding greater balance.

Balance and integration is critical right now, since there is an abundance of planets in the more transcendent sign of Pisces including the Sun, which opposes the Virgo Moon.  Pisces takes us into mysterious and unknown regions of imagination and dreams, calling us like the Sirens of the ancient world to leave behind our mundane reality and enter into a realm of magic.

The Moon is at her most powerful at the Full Moon, when her light outshines the light of the Sun and the instincts and emotions of the Moon dominate the Solar consciousness.  The Virgo Moon is in her ascendance now, and anchors us to the earth as we try to fly beyond it.  This can create a sense of imbalance and perhaps even inner chaos as we strive to find the clarity of ordering the mundane details of our lives (Virgo) in the midst of an explosion of creative power (Pisces).

There is a tight conjunction of planets to the Pisces Sun right now, including Chiron (wounding and healing) and Mercury (the mind and communication).  Chiron facilitates our deeper wisdom and knowledge of our own emotional motivations, and Mercury opens the mind to greater clarity.

Mercury is the traditional ruler of Virgo, and I have long argued for Chiron as the modern ruler of Virgo, so the significance of both Virgo rulers conjoined with the Sun at this Virgo Full Moon accelerates the power of this soul-opening alignment.  A harmonious trine from Pluto (power and transformation) helps to inspire us to utilize this energy for our highest good.

The gift and blessing of this Full Moon is in finding solid ground (Virgo) in the midst of magic and transcendence (Pisces); to facilitate an intellectual understanding (Sun/Chiron/Mercury) that is balanced with a spiritual knowledge (Pisces), and the ability to create order (Virgo) in the midst of chaos (Pisces).

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This Virgo Full Moon is a karmic trigger

Virgo Full MoonThe Full Moon on March 5 contains plenty of planetary punch!

The Sun is in Pisces now, opposite the Virgo Moon.  The Pisces/Virgo polarity involves a rebalancing of our need to attend to the details of our ordinary life (Virgo) with the longing of the soul to transcend details and experience a divine flow (Pisces).   The Moon itself reflects the changing urges of the soul, and in Virgo there is strong pressure to pay attention to the details that give our lives order.

At the Full Moon both the Sun and Moon interact with Chiron (opening up old wounds and precipitating their release), Saturn (creating a sense of isolation in our personal development), Uranus (opening a window for us to see new possibilities) and Pluto (intensifying the entire experience and offering great rewards if we confront our demons head-on).

Mars aligns with the Lunar South Node at the Full Moon, potentially triggering something to be released from the past.  Try to remember to pay close attention to events that occur on this day, as they may be rooted in an old karmic experience that you brought in with you that can be released now.

Relationships could be problematic under a conjunction of Venus (relating) to Uranus (rebellion), activating the Uranus/Pluto square as it prepares to culminate for the very last time.  This is a time to go your own way and speak with your own voice – anything less will result in trouble.  Still – with the Virgo Moon calling for temperance, balance and moderation will still be necessary.

Full Moons typically carry a strong energetic power, but this one is particularly strong.  It’s a time to release the past (Mars/South Node), take stock of the details of the present (Virgo), communicate our true and authentic self (Venus/Uranus & Pluto) and through it all, remain aware and conscious of the divine Flow that guides us.

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Mercury retrograde, and a Virgo Full Moon: February 2013

Virgo Full Moon February 2013Mercury turns retrograde today (February 23) and it’s time to go over the things we’ve done in the past in order to help perfect our future. Mercury is in Pisces now where it tends to be more adaptable and flexible and doesn’t mind reversing itself in order to improve the flow of our lives so this retrograde period may not be as difficult as some others.

Mercury turns retrograde for three weeks four times a year, so it is not a rare event.  I like to think of retrograde periods as being similar to ocean waves on a beach.  The ocean comes towards the shore, and then it retreats so that it can come once more – the ebb and flow of life.  We progress forwards in our life, marching towards the end of time, and then periodically we retreat, take a break, and re-evaluate that progress.  We correct the things that aren’t working, and improve the things that are.

While it’s true that Mercury retrograde periods are not great times to plan a vacation or make a major purchase, I confess I do these things all the time.  In my real estate business I can’t take off three weeks four times a year when Mercury turns retrograde, but if I have to sign a contract during that time I know to be prepared for renegotiations and reversals.

But Mercury retrograde is not the only news – we also have a Full Moon on February 25th in Virgo, the sign of practical reality and the body/mind/spirit system. I personally believe that Chiron is the modern ruler of Virgo because both share an attention to the balance between mental and spiritual health to the physical body. This emphasis on balance and healing is embedded in the chart of the Full Moon since the Sun and Moon are tightly linked to Chiron (the Sun conjoins Chiron and the Moon opposes it).

The Sun/Chiron combination is squared by Jupiter, planet of expansion and ideology which suggests that the concepts that underpin our reality are likely to be stretched at this time in order to accommodate the necessary healing process. With five planets in Pisces and Mercury retrograde, much of this will be operating through the subconscious and imaginal realms.

Venus enters Pisces just after the Full Moon, at which time there will be SIX PLANETS in Pisces. This is a very big lineup of planets in one sign, and several of them are trined by Saturn which helps to anchor the dreamy hopes and fantasies of Pisces. And of course the Virgo Moon desires order and grounding through ritual and established patterns of action. Mars is approaching a harmonious trine to the North Node now which helps to motivate us towards our highest good, despite the pull of the past.

In the Full Moon the lunar influence opposes the solar, and in this lunation Virgo opposes Pisces: the practical left-brain Virgo opposite the right-brain transcendence of Pisces. But Pisces is very heavily weighted here which could create some anxiety if an attempt is not made to ground the entire experience into something practical. Bring a pen and paper, or go for a walk in the woods and try if you can to stay away from technology during this Full Moon. This time is about going within and finding the rich experience of the inner landscape and that requires re-treat and re-juvenation, perfect for Mercury retrograde.

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Virgo Full Moon, March 8 2012

Virgo Full MoonArt by Teri SloatThis Full Moon is an interesting dance balancing our attachment to the mundane world through the Moon in Virgo with the transcendent and otherworldly longings of the Piscean Sun.  During the Full Moon the lunar instincts dominate the solar conscious mind, and Virgoan areas of security and a need for order are highlighted. Mercury is the traditional ruler of Virgo and is very active in this chart.  It is still within range of a conjunction to Uranus which inspires new ideas and demands a change from the past.  Mercury is also moving towards a square to Pluto which intensifies our thoughts and communication and can bring a touch of obsession.  Mercury is the messenger god, and for the next few weeks as Mercury slows to a standstill and turns retrograde back across Uranus we will continue to be struck by flashes of insight and be alert to new ways of creating change in our life. This is the backdrop against which we can use this Full Moon to balance the mundane (Virgo) with the divine (Pisces), not an easy dance but a worthwhile one. Divine creativity is assisted by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, having just made a harmonious sextile to Neptune and facilitated the expression of divine love and beauty, and now moving into a sextile to Chiron to explore ways that healing can occur in beautiful ways to free our hearts.  These influences in the Full Moon can help us to open to new energy (Mercury Uranus) in a variety of ways: by surrounding ourselves with beauty (Venus), through spiritual activity and learning (Neptune), through inspiration and intuition (Mercury/Uranus). Mercury is stationary as it prepares to turn retrograde on the 12th so its rays are like a laser beam of mental activity shining through the mists of the Full Moon. Creating order out of chaos can be considered the theme of this Full Moon as we move effortlessly through the wounds of the past to find greater balance in the present. for daily planetary cycles visit my Facebook and Twitter pages.

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The Virgo Full SuperMoon, March 19 2011

SupermoonThe Moon will be full today, Saturday March 19th, at 2:10 pm EDT.  The Moon is full in Virgo, and it is opposite the Pisces Sun in the sky.  The Virgo/Pisces polarity relates to a blending of our experience of life in the material world (Virgo) with our desire to seek a more transcendent experience (Pisces).

As you probably know, this Moon is a Supermoon (® Richard Nolle) and is closer to the Earth than other times of the year (see this earlier article for more information)

When the Moon is full in that solilunar opposition, the influence of the Moon is more powerful, revealing our emotions and instincts and our hidden reactions to unseen events.  The Moon is invisible in daylight, and it is only in the darkness of the unconscious that our deeply ingrained emotional patterns come to light.

This Full Moon is at the end of Virgo which requires an orderly and methodical approach to the realm of feelings.  There is an attention to detail here, and a need to care for the details of life in a body, even as the Pisces Sun urges us to transcend this wordly life for something more magnificent.

But another energetic element is at work in the chart for the Full Moon – the incongruity between the Aries influence (Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury) of aggression and defense combined with the Pisces influence (Sun, Mars and Chiron) that seeks harmony and flow.  Under the influence of this Full Moon we are being called not only to honor the daily rituals and routines (Virgo) of life and self-care, but also to remain strong and vigilant (Aries) while maintaining a grounded (Virgo) attunement to the spiritual forces (Pisces) that keep us evolving as spiritual beings having a human experience.

The Full Moon in Virgo (and therefore the Sun as well)  is approaching an opposition to Uranus, which suggests that even though the Virgo Full Moon has the potential to bring us back down to earth, Uranus will apply more pressure on us to break free of restrictions and become liberated from our obligations.  Virgo’s cautious nature and respect for rules doesn’t respond well to the rulebreaking nature of Uranus, and this Full Moon could bring about some interesting inner turmoil especially since Mercury, Virgo’s traditional ruler, is opposed by Saturn and a celestial education is sure to be applied in some way.

This sort of oppositional tension can be balanced, but it often takes a great deal of attention and awareness to see where in our lives we need to find greater grounding into the material world (Virgo), and where we may have fallen into a rut and need to break free of old patterns (Sun/Uranus) to achieve true bliss (Pisces).

On the 20th the Sun enters Aries and the conjunction to Uranus culminates, so this fever for change will continue for a day or two after the Full Moon.  This Sun/Uranus conjunction is embedded in the chart of the Vernal Equinox and will be affecting us for the next few months, so be prepared for some bumpy roads ahead! I’ll be writing more on the Equinox in Sunday’s post.

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