Last year we had 5-7 planets in retrograde motion for virtually the whole summer and into the fall. Uranus is the last of those planets to turn direct.  Uranus rules radical changes, disruption, electricity, multidimensional awareness and higher consciousness.  When a planet changes direction it makes a station – it is virtually stationary as it shifts course.  Uranus hasn’t traveled more than a degree in about a month, and it will continue to be stationary for a few weeks after it turns direct today.  Any big change which has been in the works will be able to gain traction and manifest more easily.

A planet making a station is at its most powerful in terms of potency. Departure from the status quo – radical behavior and a fearless embrace of the new is a hallmark of the Uranus station which happens approximately twice every year.  Jupiter (expansion) is in a tight challenging square to Uranus all this week, culminating on the 17th which will amplify this sense of breaking up old rules and regulations which will no longer work in the Brave New World.  The Moon is in Aquarius and since the modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, that is a nice fit.  The Aquarius Moon inspires us towards a broader perspective and a certain amount of detachment which can help us to make more sense of the disruption that we see all around us. ❤️

I chose this painting of an owl because the owl represents otherworldly wisdom.  In this image the owl is scrying into a globe that appears to be the Earth. 

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