art by Janie Olsen

I’ve been talking in my videos about the chart for the Inauguration being pretty intense, and today we get to taste it!  The Moon leaves fiery Aries for comfort-loving Taurus at 1:56 pm EST, which would normally be a cozy respite of snuggling and luxury.  However, Mars, the planet of fire, desire and aggression, is pretty much exactly conjunct Uranus (radical rebellion) all day and especially as it gets close to its exact conjunction at 3:37 pm.  But wait, that’s not all!  The cozy Taurus Moon will form a stressful square to the Sun and Saturn in the afternoon of January 20, and very early in the morning (EST) on January 21st the Moon will form a square to Jupiter, while Mars conjoins Uranus.

I realize this may be overly technical for some of my readers, but the gist of it is that there is a lot of inflammatory energies swirling around without much focus for most of the day on the 20th.  However, we can soothe our jangled nerves and calm our frayed sensitivities by using the deliciousness of the Taurus Moon to find comfort in the earthy things of pleasure – gardens, trees, flowers, any kind of experience which brings you a sense of well-being will be of great benefit on this day!  And speaking of well-being, with Ceres, the asteroid/planet of nurturing the self, approaching a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces ( to help us delve more deeply into the realm of spirit to find a comfort that goes beyond the superficial), the divine nature spirits will be on hand to give their assistance. ❤️

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