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The Moon is full in Leo on January 28, 2021 at 2:16 pm, emphasizing the need for a higher level of self-expression under Leo which still honors the needs of the collective under the Aquarius Sun.  The Sun is one of four planets in Aquarius, so there is a great deal of Aquarian focus on reason and rational thinking concerning that which is good for everyone and not just the individual.  But the Leo Full Moon is focused on the lunar energies which encourage self-value, self-esteem, and an ability to discover a joy which emanates from within and isn’t dependent upon the whims and opinions of others.

Under Leo, which after all is ruled by the Sun itself, we are asked to shine as brightly as we are able.  Rather than hide our light out of false modesty or insecurity, Leo encourages us to emerge from the shadows with all of our natural brightness and joy intact just as a small child greets the world before any traumas have a chance to interfere.

This brightening of the heart’s inner light is aided here by Jupiter, which is nearly exactly conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon in the Full Moon chart. Jupiter adds a layer of optimism but also a need to expand in all ways, resisting any effort to confine or restrict our natural abilities.  Saturn is also present, counteracting the Jupiterian expansion and optimism as it so often does but here in Aquarius it does so with a more reasoned and practical approach which seeks alternatives rather than tighter constraints and control as it did under Capricorn.

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Embedded in the chart for the Full Moon is a conjunction from Venus to Pluto in Capricorn. Venus and Pluto are not natural allies, but when they come together in the sign of practical solution (Capricorn), we can discover ways in which we can work together in order to facilitate transformation – both personally and globally.  There are definitely themes of power struggles which could arise if things are generally out of balance, but there is also an idea that together we can be more potent than we are alone.  All of our interactions with others will be embedded in the chart for the Full Moon.

We also have a challenging square from the triple conjunction of Saturn, Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius, as well as the Leo Moon, to Mars and Uranus which are both in Taurus.  Challenging aspects, especially in fixed signs which tend to hang on until the very end before crashing into change, tend to activate a crisis so that a needed shift can occur.  With all of these energies in fixed signs, this is a particularly potent Full Moon!  This Full Moon will be focused around our personal needs and how well we are able to fulfill them ourselves, and what challenges we place on the people around us when we are not ourselves fulfilled.

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