Yesterday’s riots were not a surprise to anyone who is paying attention. In October 2020 over 40% of both Democrat and Republican respondents said that there would be “justification for at least a little violence” if their party lost the election. As you know if you’ve been following my writings and those of other astrologers, we are in a bit of a wormhole right now in the midst of several major planetary shifts.  Almost since its inception there has been a battle for the soul of the United States, largely due to slavery which we can tie to Pluto in the 2nd house of money and values. Pluto shows, among other things, where our obsessions can be our undoing.

Yesterday’s riots didn’t come out of nowhere, and I fear they are just the beginning. I say that not to frighten or inflame, but I do believe that we need to be prepared for the reality of what we could face in the return of Pluto to its natal place in the US chart.  Echoes of this began in 2000 when transiting Pluto crossed the US ascendant, and then in 2020 transiting Saturn set off Pluto in the US chart.  I wrote about what I felt was coming at that time and you can read it here. The murder of innocent black people instigated riots and unrest that were treated much differently than were yesterday’s events where police were filmed opening the doors to the Capitol so that the rioters could more easily enter.

The exact alignment from transiting Pluto to US Pluto doesn’t begin until February of 2022, but between March and June of 2021 we will be within one degree of exactitude.  No other country has the kind of White Supremacist movements that are found in the United States, and they have been building in breadth and strength.  Yesterday’s elections in Georgia were decided by the Black electorate for the first time in history and this will not sit well with those who want White so-called Christians to remain in power. But the world is changing, and we are seeing the birth pains of the new Aquarian justice and equality.  This kind of major transition doesn’t come easily and we have not seen the last of the drama.

That doesn’t mean that we should hide in our homes in fear of what is coming.  We can develop our own inner resources and our personal strengths. We can build dialogue and fairness in our own communities.  We can work for peace in our own countries and nations.  Most importantly, I think, we need to realize that the poison and darkness that has been hidden for so long in the US WILL emerge under the Pluto Return, and let us stay safe while we assist in the transformation from darkness to light.

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