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When we live in challenging times, it’s easy to become bogged down in apprehension and uncertainty about the future.  This week we have three planets changing signs: Mars entered Taurus on the 6th, and today we have Venus entering Capricorn which will solidify and ground our relationships and interactions with others, and Mercury shifting into Aquarius.  I’m particularly excited about Mercury, planet of the mind and communication, entering Aquarius where it will be until mid-March, working with both Saturn and Jupiter to help us re-define our vision of the future.  Today, though, Mercury will form a challenging square to Mars (aggression) which could lead to some volatile rhetoric and arguments if we allow the stress to build and emerge in unpleasant ways.

This Mercury/Mars alignment does lend force to our thoughts and ability to communicate them, so if we stay grounded and centered we can put this passionate energy to work for us today.  A beautiful sextile from the Sun to Neptune can help us to use the fire of thought and messaging (Mercury/Mars) through creative imagination and heightened intuition.  Magick is created through the force of Will, and that is the power of Mars and not to be feared. ❤️


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