Mercury is traveling retrograde right now in Libra, having left Scorpio last week to retrace its steps through the sign of balance and integration.  Libra’s job is to determine where polarities exist and find ways to bring harmony where none currently exists, and for this reason Libra is known as the sign of the diplomat and negotiator.  With Mercury in Libra we are more sensitive to disharmony and cognitive dissonance, which is an odd thing in the week before a very difficult election in the US.

Mercury’s travel speed is slower than usual because it will change direction to turn direct on November 3rd (yes, that IS election day!) and for the entire week it will be in a challenging square to Saturn, the planet of tests and challenges.  The influence of Saturn adds a layer of challenge to an already challenging Mercury retrograde period so we’ll want to be extra careful with the words we use, and any effort to communicate will likely encounter greater difficulty than normal.  This challenging square from Mercury to Saturn will be in effect until November 8th or 9th until Mercury resumes its normal speed.

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