July 11 eclipse

Path of the July 11 eclipse

Bad news sells, and this is true for astrology websites as well as any other news media.  Eclipses are not so mysterious today, but “astrologic dangers [are] portended” on many sites, including this one:

Next week, on July 11th, we have a total Solar eclipse coming up. The New Moon and the total Solar eclipse will create some disturbing Cosmic energies and will affect many countries around the world.

As per Vedic Astrology, the Sun, Moon, and Ketu are together in Gemini and Rahu opposite them. Mercury is in Cancer, Mars and Venus together in Leo, and Saturn in Vigo casting his glance at Sun, Moon and Ketu. This is not a good situation and could cause dangers all around. The Earth will shake due to strong electromagnetic forces and will cause a lot of disruption on Earth.

Countries and places around water would get most affected. Islands, peninsulas, and gulfs would be most susceptible to major dangers. There could be floods, storms, Tsunamis, and many accidents. I also see areas of green getting affected. Flora, fauna, valleys and lakes could be affected. All these need not happen just on July 11th, but does create energies for these things to come soon.

It does tend to be mostly the Vedic astrologers who are more bold in their predictions of both doom and glory, but I get plenty of emails from clients who want to know what kind of earth-shattering effects to expect.

So here are ten reasons not to worry about Sunday’s eclipse:

  1. Eclipses tend to be most powerful where they are fully visible, and the path of the July 11 eclipse travels primarily across the southern Pacific ocean, so unless you live on Easter Island or at the very tip of South America you will not be heavily affected (here’s a nice set of animations to prove my point.
  2. Even though astronomers are calling this a total solar eclipse, the nodes of the Moon are still eight degrees away from the lunation.  Eclipses are astrologically more powerful when the nodes are closer to the Moon.
  3. Unlike the June 26 eclipse, in which seven planets and luminaries were in alignment, there are no aspects to the Sun and Moon during the July 11 event.
  4. The eclipse occurs at a New Moon in the sign of Cancer, governing feelings and our sensitivity to the world around us.
  5. This will be a great time for getting in touch with our emotions and feelings, and potentially healing challenging relationships with Chiron (wounding and healing) in opposition formation to Venus (relating to others).
  6. The eclipse chart includes a fire trine from Jupiter and Uranus to Mercury which enhances communication and energizes our ability to process new ideas and ways of thinking.
  7. Mars, planet of aggression, is in a nice sextile to the New Moon which further facilitates the smooth processing of the fire trine and helps us to balance the power of the fire energy with the emotional depth of the Cancerian New Moon.
  8. The New Moon is at its best in Cancer, the sign which it rules.  The ebb and flow of emotion at this time can be utilized and channeled without trauma.
  9. We are moving towards the completion of two major planetary cycles: the square of Saturn to Pluto and the opposition from Saturn to Uranus.  While it’s true that there are still some challenging cardinal alignments, as the cycles wind down towards completion there is far less disruption than in the early phases.
  10. The Universe is always moving towards wholeness, and if we can develop trust in the process we will enjoy the flow of our lives so much more.  Change what you can change in your lives, and release the rest.



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