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The big news of course is the very tight alignment between Jupiter (ideologies and beliefs) to Pluto (destruction and transformation). Under this influence, which began in April of 2020, we’ve seen political chaos over lockdowns and virus containment on top of other political issues thanks to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.  The rise of Qanon has taken place under the auspices of Jupiter/Pluto.  In addition, Jupiter rules courts and the law, and this conjunction is certainly playing a role in how it appears that the US election will be ultimately decided by the courts.

But today, for a brief shining moment, the Scorpio Sun aligns in a harmonious trine to Neptune in its own Pisces, the planet which inspires creative inspiration.  For the next day or two we have the opportunity to see beyond the veil of illusion as the light of the Sun illuminates the innate wisdom offered by Neptune and penetrates the mists of baseless fantasies.  This is the perfect day to be creative – to set aside our worries if only for a day and allow the awakening to happen.


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