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For the past week Venus, in Libra where we seek more harmonious interactions and a refined sensibility has been challenging the Capricorn planets in a square first to Pluto on the 15th, then to Jupiter, and over the next day the final square to Saturn will culminate. Venus is also connected to money and values, and these challenging aspects have brought about a contraction in investment markets as the realities and cold hard facts of Capricorn begin to prevail.  When the planet of connection (Venus) meets the planet of restriction (Saturn), we tend to feel more pulled into ourselves and less like socializing.

Today is a day of serious focus, and even in normal non-lockdown times we would likely feel more like spending time alone in structured activities that will help us to achieve our goals.  Saturn sometimes brings out our fear of failure, in which case a disciplined approach to a situation will help us to overcome these fears and find a real sense of accomplishment.

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