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Today we have three shifts of energies: Venus leaves Libra for intense Scorpio, the Moon leaves practical Capricorn for mystical Pisces, and the Sun leaves Scorpio for jovial Sagittarius.  The change of solar focus from the passion and depth of Scorpio to the lighthearted expansiveness of Sagittarius marks the beginning of Sagittarius season, a more social time of positivity and optimism.  However, with both Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, that depth of perception and emotional drive is still coloring much of our experiences.

The Moon of course moves quickly, so its alignments are fleeting.  But with three planetary bodies at the first degree of new signs, there is a breath of fresh air and an opening of a new door that we can take advantage of.  The Pisces Moon will form a trine to Scorpio Venus late tonight/early morning EST – a lovely heart-opening grace card to facilitate an experience of love, beauty, creativity and connection to the source of life, even if just for a few hours.

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