If you read yesterday’s post, you may remember that Mercury, planet of information will be in a challenging square to Saturn for much of the week – really, until Mercury moves into Scorpio on November 10th. In the US, the incumbent president as promised has already declared victory, despite being behind in the electoral college and with many votes yet to be counted. He is calling on the Supreme Court, three of whose justices he appointed, to declare the winner.  Meanwhile the US is divided exactly in half, with increasingly disparate values and the potential for conflict on the rise.  Mars in Aries is virtually stationary now as it prepares to turn direct on November 13th and its energy of passion, drive and anger dominates the sky.

We can use this Mars energy to help us to refocus our determination and intention. Life goes on and we cannot let situations over which we have no control take over our lives and leave us in a mess of despair.  The square from Mercury to Saturn can have the tendency to veer into negative thoughts, with fear and worry threatening to take over.  But this is a choice that we make – even when the light of hope dims, the empowerment of intention can work with the peace of acceptance to help us get through difficult times like these.

–artist unknown.  The Dragonfly symbolizes transformation, adaptability and awakening. ❤️

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