With everything going on in the world right now we may not even notice that the Cancerian Moon right now has heightened our sensitivity and emotionality, and today this sensitive Moon faces off against Chiron this morning and Mars this afternoon (both times EST, here’s an easy time zone converter).  The challenging square from the Moon to Chiron can open up the scabs on old wounds that never properly healed, and the square to Mars can irritate that emotional sensitivity that we often try to hide from the world.  That irritation can feel like depression or hopelessness, and can trigger a deeper depression we may be going through.

With no major planetary aspects other than Mercury square Saturn (see yesterday’s post for more information about that), the lunar aspects take on more visibility. Under these sensitive aspects, especially the Moon to Mars, we’ll want to be sure to get some exercise today, preferably outdoors in the fresh air where contact with nature can help to ground us and give some perspective.

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