There’s so much astrological news right now it’s difficult to pack it in, but I try. 😃  Winter Solstice, the conjunction of Jupiter to Saturn in Aquarius, etc. etc. etc.  Also, Mars squares Pluto this week one final time and we’ll need to watch out for power conflicts and excessive aggression.  Take out your boxing gloves!   Also, of course, a forecast for the week ahead to help you be prepared and there’s a Christmas cameo of puppies because clickbait!  Transcript is below.

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Transcript (transcribed by electronic data points and roughly edited by me, please excuse errors)

Hey everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about the astrology for the week of December 21 in the year 2020. And what a year it has been!  This week is packed with astrological Juju so let’s get right into it.

The first thing I want to talk about is the Winter Solstice, which is of course on December 21 and astrologically. The Winter Solstice occurs when the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere. For my friends in Australia and New Zealand. It’s actually not the Winter Solstice, and we call it the December Solstice for those people, but for those of us in the north, it’s the Winter Solstice, it’s gotten dark. At the Winter Solstice, the Sun appears to stand still up for three days before it starts moving through the sky again. So there’s a symbology here of the world standing still, of there being this stillness and this pause before we move into the next phase. There’s so much symbolism right now for fresh new beginnings. We have Saturn which just moved into Aquarius, we have Jupiter which just moved into Aquarius, Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct in Aquarius, and I’ll post a link in the description box to the video that I made about that conjunction. So there’s a lot of movement here from one sign into another, a shift of energies that will affect all of us individually, as well as a collective.

The Winter Solstice actually occurs at the moment that the Sun enters Capricorn, which is at 5:02am. Eastern time, please adjust for your own timezone. At that time. Mercury will also be at zero degrees Capricorn so the Sun aligns with Mercury in the chart of the Winter Solstice/ We not only have Jupiter at zero degrees Aquarius and Saturn at zero degrees Aquarius but we also have the Sun at zero degrees Capricorn, and Mercury at zero degrees Capricorn. And that’s for planetary bodies that are in brand new signs at this time. I think it would be a mistake to say at this point that the troubles and travails of 2020 are finished now – certainly 2020 is finished. But I think we’re not out of the woods, there is going to be a fair amount of trouble still with the pandemic in 2021, we’re likely to experience some civil unrest all around the world with Jupiter and Saturn both in Aquarius, we’re going to have Saturn in a square to Uranus, which tends to bring about a fair amount of social upheaval. And of course, humans are always humans and that’s not going to change. And you’ll learn a lot more about that in the video for 2021, which I hope to post in the next couple of weeks.

But in the meantime, for this week for the Winter Solstice, I think we can all enjoy the fact that there’s a big shift of energy for change. And many of us don’t know what’s on the other side. This is a time when we can really create that our world really unfolds in accordance with our creative imagination, and the creative imagination is full of punch right now. It’s full of power and very juicy. So this is a good week, many of us are taking some time off for the Christmas holiday, it’s a very good week to sit down with yourself and do a very honest assessment. Where are you in your life? And what do you need to bring forward?

This is a good time for me to segue into a little plug for my book called Visioncrafting. The Visioncrafting process is something that I devised over a number of years when I myself was doing a lot of personal work.  I started doing a lot of readings for people in the early 90s and that was right after a divorce in my own life. I was looking at my life trying to understand how I had gotten to where I was and where I was going to go moving forwards. I started reading a lot of what they were calling performance technology, a lot of Tony Robbins and other similar people. In that process, I realized that as an astrologer, I could explain to people why they were having the problems that they were having. But what I wasn’t able to do with that information was help them to move forward, help them to make those changes, and help myself to make those changes. So as I learned more about how to craft my own vision for the future, and how to manifest my own vision in the material world and make these changes in my own life. I learned how to help my clients do that as well. And I wrote a workbook which is based on the workshops that I did and you can do this actually on your own.

It does help to have a certain amount of self knowledge because part of the Visioncrafting process involves looking at your life and seeing where your own blocks are, and what’s causing those blocks and where you might have gotten those belief systems that are holding you back. And then the Visioncrafting process, which is described in this workbook takes you through a study of these belief systems where they might have come from, and then looking forwards to really think about the kinds of changes that you want to bring into your life, and then crafting an effective and powerful vision for how you can make this happen. So I’ll put a link in the description box to this book, it might be something that you want to try at the end of the year as we start moving into 2021.

And now let’s talk about the week ahead.

On Monday, December 21, the Moon is in the dreamy sign of Pisces until it moves into Aries at 5:32pm. Eastern time, that’s the day of the Winter Solstice. It’s also the day of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction, all of those planets are at zero degrees. Here comes the Moon at zero degrees Aries interacting with the solstice chart, often we use the chart of a Solstice or an Equinox to predict what’s likely to happen over the next three months of that season. And we not only have this for planetary bodies that I’ve already talked about entering new signs, but we also have the Moon which enters Aries where it will stay for a couple of days. When the Moon is in Aries. There’s a lot of power, there’s a lot of activity in action. The Moon in Aries is fiery and it can motivate us and inspire us. So I would say that Monday, the day of the Winter Solstice and all of this planetary energies and action, is a really good time to really sit down and look at your life. The Moon in Aries instills a desire and a passion and a drive. And this is something that we can use to manifest what it is that we want.

One thing we will need to pay attention to this week is the fact that Mars is going to be aligning in a challenging square to Pluto. You may remember that over this year, Mars has been going back and forth in Aries. And while Mars was retrograding in areas it was moving very slowly. So in September and October, Mars was in a challenging aspect to Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter all in Capricorn that was very challenging and created a lot of violence there spent a lot of shootings and homicides but now Mars is traveling direct, it’s back to its usual speed, it’s moving more quickly. So when Mars squares Pluto on the 23rd, it’s not going to have the same impact that it did in September, it’s going to be moving much more quickly. But probably Monday the 21st we may start to feel that interaction between Mars, the planet of our drive and aggression and assertiveness, with Pluto which has to do with transformation and death and destruction and regeneration. Those two planets when they’re in a stressful aspect can create some difficulties. And we may find that to be particularly true once the Moon enters Aries which it will late on Monday.

And then on Tuesday, December 22. The Moon in Aries is going to come join Chiron which is also an Aries that’s going to be early in the morning about 3:30am Eastern time. So many of us won’t experience that because we’ll be asleep but it’s possible that there may be some emotional sensitivity that arises out of this transit. The Moon is going to harmonize and uh trying to the Sun and Sagittarius Later that morning. And then remember this Mars Pluto square is starting to build. So between the 21st and the 24th or so there’s going to be a lot of this Mars-y energy we have the Moon in Aries which is ruled by Mars. And then we have Mars Of course preparing to form the square to Pluto. But in the midst of that we have a lovely harmonious trine from the Moon to the Sun, which will give us a few hours of harmony in the midst of this intensity.

The intensity is really going to peak on Wednesday, December 23. That’s the day of the exact score from Mars to Pluto. We also have the Moon conjunct Mars, we have the Moon squaring Pluto on that same day. Anytime there’s all this Mars-y Aries energy, it’s really important to be able to channel this abundant energy in some kind of constructive way. The most effective way to express this energy in a constructive way is really through physical activity. There’s probably a lot that you want to talk about. There’s probably things that are coming up for you maybe irritations or frustrations that you really want to talk about. And it may be that you just have to do that but just know that there’s the potential for power conflicts, not everybody is going to be listening or paying attention because Mars in Aries is so active, it’s not receptive, everybody’s going to have a lot to say. It’s not a time when there can be a lot of resolution, although it doesn’t hurt to try. But I think it’s helpful to know that everybody is having the same experience. It’s a really good time to go for a walk and just sort of let things settle.

And then on Thursday, the 24th when things start to settle down, that might be a better time for confrontation. And for an attempt to try to resolve any situations. This will be aided by the fact that the Moon is going to leave areas for Taurus at about 5:55 am Thursday morning, Eastern time. When the Moon goes into Taurus, we start to settle down we really want that sense of calm, that sense of peace and equanimity. Taurus really just likes to be comfortable and feel secure. doesn’t really care for a lot of disruption. Early in the morning though the Taurus Moon is going to square Jupiter and Saturn, which have both moved into Aquarius when the Moon is square to Saturn. There can be a sense of loss you know, perhaps a little bit of isolation,  loneliness. And when the Moon squares Jupiter we have a desire for more, we want more. That’s likely a time when you’re going to need to feel the need for more comfort. Perhaps eat some comfort food because Taurus loves that delicious comfort food – macaroni and cheese and oatmeal if it’s breakfast time. But then in the afternoon the Taurus Moon is going to form a trine to the Sun and Mercury which are both in Capricorn at that time. This is an earthy combination that helps us to find more stability.

As the Moon was through a trine to Mercury which is in Capricorn late in the day on Thursday the 24th it begins to translate we call it the upcoming trine from Mercury to Uranus which occurs very early in the morning at 2:04am on Friday, the 25th the trine from Mercury which is in Capricorn to Uranus which is in Taurus is fantastic for any kind of communication, any kind of learning. Mercury is the Planet of the lower mind. Uranus is the planet of higher intelligence. When these two planets are in harmony with each other. There’s an awakening. There’s new ideas, there’s new information, there’s new intuition. So the 25th which of course is Christmas day for those of you who celebrate, is going to be a wonderful time for writers and really this starts on the 24th as the trine from Mercury to Uranus is building this awakening begins to occur. And then of course it peaks very early in the morning on Friday the 25th and it starts to subside as that day goes on. The Moon is still in Taurus, where it is still encouraging us to find that peace and comfort and then it’ll form a harmonious sextile to Neptune the planet of creativity and imagination later that day around 7 to 9 pm. This is still Friday. So Friday should be a wonderful day of imagination and harmony and just kind of a beautiful day of creativity.

Later that day, the Capricorn Sun begins to align and a challenging square to Chiron when the Sun is in a square to Chiron. It’s one of those periods where if we are particularly sensitive or emotionally reactive, that may come out on that day. Not everybody reacts obviously to this in the same way. Some people come into this life with a lot of wounds and we can see it in their charts. Maybe they have Chiron squaring Sun in their own chart, Chiron conjunct the Moon. These sorts of ironic aspects in a natal chart do tend to cause people to be more emotionally sensitive, and those people are more easily triggered at these times. But there can also be sort of an awakening or a new understanding the Sun tends to illuminate whatever it comes into contact with the Sun is in a challenging or a strong aspect of Chiron. So it’s going to shine a light on a wound that may be ready to arise. But again, this comes with some emotional sensitivity that we have to work through before we get to the awakening part and this will peak on Saturday, December 26 at about 2:30am Eastern time.

Saturday is pretty quiet as far as the planets are concerned until the Moon moves into Gemini at around 6:32pm Eastern time after the Moon moves into Gemini, Gemini is an air sign it tends to want a lot of communication tends to desire a lot of experiences, and to be very curious about everything to like to learn things. And when the Moon is in Gemini it’s going to harmonize with Saturn and Jupiter, which are newly in Aquarius. So Saturday evening, Eastern time is going to be very active intellectually as far as the mind is concerned. Now remember, the lunar aspects only last for a few hours.

So by Sunday, the 27th the interaction between the Gemini Moon and Saturn and Jupiter will have concluded but the Moon is going to be in Gemini until Tuesday the 29th when we’ll have a new video, so from Saturday evening and then on Sunday, and also Monday the Moon is going to be in Gemini, very good time for any kind of writing thinking. But it’s a time when we’re going to want to be pretty active mentally. It’s a time when we’re definitely more interested in things it’s not a really good time to you know, lay around on the couch and have kind of a quiet day. When the Moon is in Gemini there’s a lot of action and just a lot of mental energy. Very good for writers. Any kind of work that involves the processing of information is highlighted when the Moon is in Gemini.

Also on Sunday the 27th the Capricorn Sun is going to form a trine to Uranus which is in Taurus. This is a day to embrace change, something new and surprising could happen. It’s a day when we might feel confident and comfortable to go outside of our comfort zone to try something new. Uranus is the planet that inspires these shifts these paradigm shifts, changes of ideas, new ways of living. It also causes us to look at our life and see where we’re stuck. What’s an old pattern that we’re really ready to let go of? that’s highlighted on Sunday the 27th and that takes us to Monday the 28th. We’ll have a new video that day.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Thank you again for joining me, please do look in the description box. I’m going to put some links to the Visioncrafting book to the video about the Jupiter Saturn conjunction and also to two articles that I wrote one about Saturn moving into Aquarius and one about Jupiter moving into Aquarius. So thanks again. Have a great week and I’ll look forward to seeing you next time.

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