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The Cancer Moon is no longer opposite the Sun, but the blossoming emotionality of the Full Moon still lingers. Later today (in the wee hours of the morning US time but in daylight in Europe the sensitive Moon will oppose Pluto for additional intensity and square Mars for emotional frustration and irritability.  In the meanwhile, though, a square aspect from Venus (beauty and harmony) to Neptune (imagination, spiritual experience) can blur the boundaries of what we consider the “real world.”  In its place we find creativity, magic, music and art, along with enhanced intuition and psychic receptivity.

This aspect lasts only a day but since it’s the very end of the year, and we are already dreaming ahead to 2021, this is a lovely aspect for re-imagining and creating a plan for times to come.  Under this aspect we tend to see the world through rose colored glasses, making this not a favorable day for making an important decision.  But it’s a beautiful day to create, to imagine, and to infuse our thoughts of the future with inspiration and hope. ❤️

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