The New Moon in Aquarius takes place February 11th at 2:05 pm EST.  This is a pretty potent lunar event with several planetary alignments to bump up the intensity even more, opening up an opportunity to surrender all of the trappings of personality that culminated at the Leo Full Moon two weeks ago and opening up to a more universal perspective. At the New Moon the energies of the Sun and Moon are fused, linking the solar conscious ego to the instinctive lunar heart of the soul. Conscious and unconscious, exterior and interior – there is a fusion here that provides us with an opportunity for a new beginning in the sign in which the lunation falls – in this case Aquarius.

The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer which is odd because Aquarius is a very dry sign – ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius is the quintessence of rational thinking and logic.  But the water that flows through the amphora in the image of Aquarius symbolizes the wisdom of life that flows from the heavens, through intuition and the higher mind (the Uranus connection).  At the Aquarius New Moon we begin with new ideas and an awakened embrace of changing ideals and philosophies to better prepare us for the changes going on all around us.

Embedded in this New Moon chart we have a conjunction of the asteroid Pallas to the Sun and Moon, adding another layer of illumination and divine intuition to the already brilliant energies of the Aquarius stellium.  Venus conjoins Jupiter for greater expansion and a blessing of good fortune. However, Mars in Taurus aligns with most of the Aquarius planets to add a layer of aggressive energies that could create disruption and perhaps some anxiety for those of us who can be easily overwhelmed by energetic potencies.

I saw a headline promising that this Aquarius New Moon would “make all your dreams come true.”  With Venus conjunct Jupiter, this kind of good fortune is possible! But to paraphrase an old saying, be careful with your intentions to be sure that the dreams coming true are the ones that you intend, not the ones lurking in the subconscious.  Aquarius inspires us to elevate our consciousness and aspire to the highest ideals, and so transformation is definitely in the forecast! ❤️

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