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Today’s Virgo Full Moon helps us to ground in the midst of the electrical influences of three planets in Aquarius and the expansive transcendence of three planets in Pisces. Aquarian idealism is intellectual, and Piscean idealism is emotional – combining the two offers up a banquet of visionary longing for a world that offers greater perfection than the one we actually live in. And because the Virgo Full Moon seeks perfection, or at least continual improvement, the theme of envisioning a path to a life which is more ideal is the theme of this Full Moon.  It anchors us into a heart of practical reality where we are able to make the small changes that can ultimately result in the satisfaction of the larger Aquarius/Pisces vision. In any case, this lunation will impel us to seek more from our lives – to align with our center of Spirit and from there, create change in the material world in which we live.

The Virgo Full Moon is an interesting dance balancing our attachment to the mundane world through the Moon in Virgo with the transcendent and otherworldly longings of the Sun which is in Pisces.  During the Full Moon the lunar instincts dominate the solar conscious mind, and Virgoan areas of security and a need for order are highlighted.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is still in its shadow period after having turned direct in Aquarius last week.  We may be flooded with flashes of insight and exciting new information, but Virgo doesn’t trust anything this unpredictable and encourages us to consider every detail before making a decision to move forward.

Creating order out of chaos can be considered the theme of this Full Moon as we move effortlessly through the wounds of the past to find greater balance in the present.

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