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On February 5th, Saturn is within one degree of an exact square to Uranus that culminates on February 17th.  The Saturn/Uranus square is the story of 2021: Conflict between the old way (Saturn) and the changing world (Uranus). However, Saturn is in Aquarius which is RULED by Uranus so it’s already connected to the theme of change for the next two years.  Saturn is the planet that brings form to the theoretical, and in Aquarius we are likely to see innovation and technological advances which change our world in all kinds of ways.

Venus is just one of five planetary bodies currently in Aquarius.  When the planet of connection is in the sign of detachment and reason, emotions and feelings take a back seat and the role of the individual in the collective, an Aquarius theme, dominates human interactions.  The conjunction from Venus to Saturn today and tomorrow (February 5th and 6th) could create some isolation, and this will be exacerbated by the square from Venus to Saturn on the 6th. Knowing that these energies are present will help us to use this time to envision our ideal situations with the people around us, but not necessarily forge that connection until this cycle is over and Venus begins to align with hopeful and optimistic Jupiter instead.

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