Here’s everything you need to know to get through the week.  In this week’s video I talk a fair amount about Chiron which turns retrograde, and Mercury turning direct.  The transcription is below the promo stuff, but I’m interested to know how many people are actually using the transcription.  It’s a fair amount of work to edit it, and I think a great deal is lost in the translation.  So let me know if you feel like you really need it, and if there aren’t many comments about it I’ll take that as a “no.” 😀 [update: lots of people read the transcriptions! So they will remain. ]

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Hey everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel. This week we’re going to talk about the astrological influences that are coming up for the week of July 6 2020.

So we’ve just come off the last of the series of three eclipses. Typically, eclipses come in anywhere from two to four events that all happen at the same time. During those times there can be a heightening or intensification of some of the planetary energies. Right now there’s so much going on in the sky with the Jupiter Pluto conjunction and all the retrogrades, and if this is all Greek to you, don’t worry, I’ll be explaining it in great depth as we go along.

I’d like to start out by just talking about the conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto and I’ve been talking about this.  It’s the second phase of what will be three alignments, following up on a conjunction of Saturn to Pluto that we had in January. So you might remember what happened in January, we had this big explosion of COVID-19 all over the world!  Pluto is the planet of destruction and regeneration. Jupiter has to do with how we approach our life from a more personal perspective. It has to do with what gives our life meaning. It has to do with what helps us to feel optimistic and positive about our world. So when Jupiter the planet of positivity and expansion, and optimism and faith bumps up against Pluto, the planet of destruction and regeneration, things can get pretty intense. And they are! The first phase of this conjunction was in early April. And we just last week had the second phase of the conjunction. But those two planets are still within a degree and they’re not going to separate very much throughout the year, so this is really an influence that we will be looking at for quite some time to come. This is manifesting in the outer world with a lot of conflict, a lot of political drama all over the world, and especially here in the United States. And that’s something that I want to talk about, but not right now.

So if Jupiter and Pluto are hitting a sensitive point in your chart, you likely are feeling a lot of pressure to make some kind of change. Perhaps that change is being made for you. But when Jupiter and Pluto align, there’s a need to let go of something that has had meaning for us in the past, but which may no longer hold that meaning. And we are having to reevaluate what we value in our life. That’s kind of a big theme for the for the entire year. When you add to that the fact that we’ve had a number of planets retrograde and by that I mean that they appear to be traveling backwards from our perspective, that tends to turn our attention back. It tends to make it more difficult to kind of move ahead in our life. You know, we have a plan. We want to put it in motion. That can be more difficult with all these retrogrades.

One of the retrogrades that we’ve had has been Mercury. Mercury will actually turn direct on July 12, which is this coming week. Mercury is retrograde for three weeks, four times a year, depending on the calendar three to four times a year. When Mercury is retrograde, most people know that this is a time to be careful of communication, anything that we say anything information going out information coming in. This is the realm of Mercury has to do with communication and learning and how we speak and how we think. So with Mercury having been retrograde things might have been a little difficult. This is the third time I’ve done this video, for example, but is that Mercury or is it my fault? and the fact that the camera was not in the right place or the lighting was wrong?  Really, we tend to see a lot more user error when we have Mercury retrograde.

Mercury will be turning direct this week, which means that Mercury is pretty much at a standstill in the sky right now. So in a way, it’s at its most powerful, and it’s looking for our attention. This is a time when it’s particularly important to keep our eyes open, to be careful with what we say with how we say it. Anytime we have to make an agreement or sign a contract, or make a decision or make some sort of plan. You know, life can’t stop when Mercury is retrograde. I always say this – it’s retrograde for 12 weeks out of the year, then there’s the so called shadow period. Are we supposed to just put our lives on hold for all that time? We can’t possibly do that. That’s like five months. So we just have to be careful. We have to be mindful. And this is where it helps to know what the planets are doing so we know how to manage them.

The other planet that’s going to change direction this week is Chiron – Chiron will be turning retrograde. So I thought this was a good time to talk a little bit about Chiron. A lot of people are confused about Chiron – people think that Chiron is an asteroid. They think it’s a Centaur. It’s neither of these things. Let’s talk about the astronomy first. Astronomically, Chiron has both comet properties and planet properties and is permanently officially classified as both a comet and a minor planet, not an asteroid.  Astrologically it is different than anything else. In my view, the personal planets, the Sun and Moon through Saturn, each represent aspects of our personality. They operate on a personal level.  The outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all represent transformational forces. Chiron, most of the time, will orbit between the personal and the transpersonal. And I think of Chiron as as sort of an alchemical force that helps us to transform; to heal all wounds in the personality so that we can become more evolved as transpersonal and metaphysical beings. And that may sound exotic to some of you, but that’s really Chiron’s role.

Chiron is known as the wounded healer sometimes, which is another notion that I’m not that crazy about. The idea of a wounded healer really comes to us from psychology, where it is said that people who are wounded often go into the field of psychology so that they can try to help other people. And that certainly is true. Chiron actually operates to heal the wounds and the body’s psycho-emotional-spiritual system. So Chiron’s job is not just to show us where the wounds are, Chiron’s job is actually to bring up these wounds. We become aware of these wounds, we feel them, we go, “Oh, no, I didn’t really want to feel this”. “How can I let go of these feelings?  I’m really tired of them.”  But under Chiron’s influence we have to feel them – we have to embrace them, and then we have to let them go. And that’s how the healing can take place.

All these unhealed wounds get lodged in the body. They get lodged in the different chakras. And I’m focusing on this today because with Chiron retrograde It’s stationary in the sky, it’s not really moving. And it actually hasn’t really moved for the last two months, and it won’t move for another two months. So if Chiron is affecting your chart personally, this is probably a very intense emotional time, even more than it is for the rest of us. So under the Chironic process, we just need to let go and allow these feelings, allow these energies – sometimes we don’t have feelings. We just feel weird. You know, sometimes people say, I don’t know how I feel, but I just feel weird or My stomach hurts or something like that. That’s a signal that we are in a period where we’re not really in alignment. We’re having some energetic issues that are coming up that need to be released.

So that’s Chiron stuff this week. Venus is in Gemini right now it’s going to harmonize with Chiron, which is an Aries. And then by the 12th, the Sun will harmonize with Venus. And  if you’re having any trouble in the beginning of the week, it may be easier towards the end of the week except that towards the end of this week, probably around the 12th or the 13th, we will probably start to feel a conjunction of Mars to Chiron. Mars is a planet of action, motivation, inspiration, but it also has to do with frustration and irritation and anger. And when Mars transits Chiron, we can be highly emotionally reactive, especially if we tend towards that anyway.

So now I want to talk a little bit more about the faster moving cycles that we’re going to experience this week. The first thing is going to be a challenging square from Mercury to Mars. Mercury, remember, is pretty stationary right now. And Mars is not moving that quickly now anyway. So this challenging aspect between Mercury and Mars will probably be felt for much of the week especially at the beginning. And this can lead to arguments, miscommunications, frustration, when someone is trying to talk to you, you don’t understand them, or you’re trying to explain something to them and they don’t understand you. There can be some frustration here. But towards the middle of the week, we start to see some harmonious planetary cycles. Venus harmonizing with Chiron, the Sun trine to Venus This is going to bring a lot more ease into our communication until we start to see that Mars conjunction of Chiron probably around the 11th, the 12th. Certainly, this can really bring up old wounds, especially around things like “why can I have what I want?” Or “why does this person always keep me from doing this thing that I need?” You know, Mars has to do with our needs and our desires. So when Mars transits Chiron and Chiron says, Wait a minute work, before you move on? What are some of these issues that are keeping you from being able to manifest? Let’s bring those up so they can be healed.  That’s really the job of Mars conjunct Chiron, and that’s going to take us into next week.

So I think that’s a good place to stop. I want to thank you so much for being with me today. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I look forward to seeing you next week. Thanks again.

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