The Moon in Gemini is very active today!  Gemini seeks to expand the mind through learning and language – there is a stronger need for communication when the Moon is in Gemini, but we also have a tendency to engage in many different things without a lot of focus.  That is particularly strong this morning EDT/early afternoon GMT when the Moon squares Mercury, planet of the mind, which is in Pisces.  Pisces could never be accused of being focused or organized, and instead tends to encourage the creative imagination rather than detailed thought, so the Gemini Moon conflicting with Pisces Mercury can signify an overactive mind with a confusion of thoughts.

Just after noon today though EDT/later afternoon GMT, the Moon harmonizes with Chiron to help us to integrate emotional difficulties, and conjoins Mars which is also in Gemini.  This will actually intensify the mental chatter with the additional energy of Mars, but by late afternoon EDT/evening GMT, the Gemini Moon harmonizes in a trine to Saturn to help ground and focus.

The bottom line:  Carry a notebook to capture all of the ideas you’ll likely be flooded with, but maybe skip the hard decisions until tomorrow when Mars begins to trine Saturn and help us find our footing.

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