The Sun will conjoin Venus in Aries at 2:58 am EDT on Friday March 26, but the two brilliant and bright planetary bodies have been within a degree all week.  The Sun and Venus collide about every 9-1/2 months: once when Venus appears to be at its closest point to Earth when retrograde, and once when Venus is at its farthest point when traveling direct. This is considered the midway point in the Venus/Sun cycle, equivalent to the Full Moon phase of the solilunar cycle.  From our perspective, the Sun appears to be between Venus and the Earth and there is a culmination of sorts – an awakening and illumination of the interconnectedness of all humans.

With the Sun and Venus both in Aries, the sign of the individual, this idea of interconnectedness must acknowledge the fact that we are all separate humans with our own unique viewpoints and destinies.  This in fact is the theme of the upcoming Libra Full Moon, so we will be observing these themes for much of the week.  Somehow we must find a way to achieve self-satisfaction and the thrill of our own unique adventure while at the same time bringing a sense of balance and harmony to all of our interpersonal relationships. There is also a need now to readjust and integrate our values and our own self-esteem into our conscious awareness so that we are better served by these important ideas.

Chiron conjoins the Sun and Venus this week, suggesting that there are some painful lessons that may need to be learned as we embark on this adventure.  Perhaps we lack the confidence to listen to our own inner voice and surrender too much of our free will.  Perhaps we find it difficult to compromise and achieve the kind of personal growth that can only come from committed friendships, partnerships or marriage.  If such a lesson arises, it will certainly be for the highest good and point the way to a new understanding.

This balance and equilibrium in all of our interactions is the week’s theme and will take us into the Full Moon, so it’s a good time to set clear intentions for this adventure! ❤️

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