art by Tsuyoshi Nagano

Although the exact conjunction is today, this aspect is embedded into the chart of the Libra Full Moon on Sunday so this influence is the main focus over the next few days.  Venus is at its farthest point from Earth right now, but the Venus-ruled Libra Full Moon is a Supermoon which helps to shine her influence a little more brightly.  As I wrote yesterday, this conjunction is the midpoint of the Sun/Venus cycle and the culmination of our search for values which truly integrate with our sense of self. That is the theme of the Libra Full Moon in which the Venus-ruled Libra Moon opposes the Sun and Venus in Aries, the sign of the individual. There is a focus on our own sense of self-worth and our ability to be in relationship without losing the self – the need for balance in all things.

Today though, the Moon is in Virgo where we are more attentive to the details and making sure that everything works properly.  The Virgo Moon harmonizes in a trine to Uranus to facilitate new ways of thinking and feeling, a great benefit for the Virgo Moon which can be somewhat paralyzed in the weeds of details. A challenging square to Mars could force some kind of confrontation into the open – not a bad thing, and something which prepares us for the weekend’s lunation.

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