Mars, planet of war, action, physical energy, drive and desire, helps us to set boundaries and defend and protect ourselves and others.  Far from the “evildoer” malefic of traditional forms of astrology, the enthusiasm of Mars motivates us to accomplish our goals and attain our desires.  While it’s true that Mars is connected to unpleasant things like war, blood, cuts, knives, Mars energy provides courage and is essential in achieving physical health. If Mars energy isn’t allowed full and healthy expression, it tends to create blocks in the physical and nervous systems which lead to a wide variety of health problems.  (I’m planning a deep dive video on the subject but in the meantime this article may interest you.)

Gemini is a sign of curiosity and the intellect, with a hunger for experiences and to learn and know more about a wide variety of topics.  Gemini’s purpose is to broaden our viewpoint and encourage greater awareness of the interconnectedness between all things.  Gemini’s ruler Mercury/Hermes was the messenger; the only god who was allowed to travel into Hades and who was known for his cunning and quick mind.

Gemini is symbolized by the Twins – one of whom is dark and one is light – representing the two (at least) facets of the Gemini personality.  One of the twin stars of Gemini lies inside the Milky Way while the other is outside and they are rarely seen at the same time and this is a symbol of the tendency of Gemini to be somewhat lost from themselves as they plow through experiences in order to better understand who they are.

Since January, Mars has been in earthy Taurus where we tend to act with more deliberation and are slow to anger and the shift from Mars in Taurus to Mercury-ruled Gemini activates the realm of air.  Matters of intellect, discussions, collaborations and plenty of talk are highlighted now.  We will not be satisfied with a routine that lacks any change, and will crave new experiences that stretch us and provide learning experiences.

In Gemini, Mars lacks the force to be very powerful; instead it disperses its strength through the desire to have many experiences rather than concentrate our energies into just a few.  This can cause us to feel more scattered and less able to focus.  We may at times feel that we are spinning our wheels, especially if this is a tendency in our own charts (mine, for example!!).  But if we tamp down the temptation to do EVERYTHING while Mars is in Gemini, we may find that the broadening of our horizons has opened our eyes in brand new ways.

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