art by Deirdre O’Reilly

The Moon just entered Scorpio early this morning (EDT), and we will all be prone to heightened intensity of feelings and emotions for a couple of days.  Scorpio is a water sign of feeling, but it’s ruled by Mars which gives it a force of will and fierce emotions.  The sign that the Moon is in resonates deep within us and inspires the experience of that sign for about 84 hours (2.3 days), and right now we are all feeling through the Scorpio lens.  This is a time to dive deep into the reality of our own being, and discover the jewels that lie beneath our polite veneer that may still linger from the Libra Full Moon. 

Venus is in Aries, still at her peak after the superior conjunction this weekend, and today she harmonizes in a sextile to Saturn to help ground us and enhance a sense of stability in all of our interactions with others.  In Aries, Venus asks that we remember our own needs as we reach out to connect with others, and for a day or two Saturn can help this from creating difficulties.

Later in the day, after around 3 pm EDT, the Scorpio Moon challenges Uranus and then Saturn.  This can feel somewhat destabilizing, and would not be a good time to try to have a difficult conversation or smooth over a rocky relationship.  Better to either do that in the morning, or wait until Wednesday when the energies are somewhat easier. ❤️

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