Some of you have noticed that the weekly forecast went AWOL this week.  I put up a post on the YouTube channel letting people know I was on hiatus but neglected to do so here. The weekly videos have taken way more time and work than I anticipated (about six hours!), and since I already produce a monthly forecast and daily forecast posts, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed.

I tend to be someone who loves projects (Mars in Capricorn), but between producing all this content and a full schedule of client consultations, it was just too much to make that commitment to a weekly video.  I’m still interested in creating content, but I’d rather do it when inspired than as an obligation.

However!  Today is a great day for pretty much anything.  Venus, planet of love and the things we value, harmonizes in a sextile to the North Node, lighting the way to a bright future.  This is a beautiful time to achieve a more purposeful union with your spouse, or if you are unattached you may meet someone new or even just experience a realization that takes you on a different path. Meanwhile the Sun harmonizes in a sextile to Saturn, helping us to focus and gain greater stability.

A sweet aspect from the Scorpio Moon to Neptune helps to enhance our imagination and creativity, and the Moon interacts with Mercury in Pisces for enhanced intuition and sensitivity. 


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