photo by Dara D Photography

With no major planetary alignments throughout the month of March, and no planets retrograde until late April, this is a very good time to put your plans into motion.  The trauma of the thwarted dreams of 2020 is really behind us astrologically, and the planetary energies of 2021 are completely different.  Where 2020 brought compression and delays under Saturn and Pluto together with a summer and fall of multiple retrogrades, we now have the creative disruption of Aquarius moving into the inspiration and flow of Pisces.  Next week we have a Pisces New Moon, and four planets will be in Pisces by the end of the week.

This weekend we have only lunar and asteroid interactions.  Lunar aspects are fast moving, and if you stop to take note you may miss them.  The Sagittarius Moon on Saturday harmonizes with Pallas around 9 pm EST before entering Capricorn at 9:20 pm.  Pallas is the asteroid through which divine intelligence descends to humanity, and the Sagittarius Moon craves meaning and a deep knowing of the world around us.  Perhaps more significant is a sextile from Mercury and Jupiter to the Black Moon Lilith, helping to support Lilith’s demand for equality and justice.  Juno, the arbiter of responsibility in relationships and commitments to others, also supports Lilith today.

On Sunday the Capricorn Moon is very active, squaring Ceres and Chiron in the morning which makes it important to take care of yourself Sunday morning. The Capricorn Moon often prefers checking off the todo list to taking the time to balance your body and energy system. Nutritious foods, a peaceful walk – anything that you enjoy is advised under these very brief aspects.  The afternoon will flow more easily, a nice lead up to Monday. ❤️

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