art by Dawn Unicorn

There are no major planetary aspects affecting us at the moment, and today there are no minor planetary aspects either.  The Moon, however, moves quickly and interacts with multiple planets every day which help to evoke a mood and an avenue of thought and action.  Still, on Monday the lunar aspects are so mild you likely won’t even notice them.  Until, that is, the Moon transits Pluto later in the evening EST (early Tuesday morning GMT) when there could be a bump of intensity.  Don’t miss my weekly forecast which includes more details about the general climate and the details of the week.

Please remember that these daily forecasts do not take into consideration planetary cycles that may be affecting your own chart.  I have Chiron squaring my natal Chiron last week and this week, so it doesn’t matter how mild the planetary activity is – I am still experiencing the revelation of core wounds that I thought had gone a long time ago!  These more potent cycles will pack more punch than the daily planetary movements I discuss here. ❤️

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