Astrological Signs

Astrological Signs

Yesterday we introduced the work of statistician Kenneth Mitchell’s analysis of the correlation of certain astrological signs with sports that correspond to those signs.

Moving on to Taurus – Mitchell learned of a sport called Bull Leaping and from the pictures deduced that Pole Vaulting and gymnasts would have similar skills.  Taurus, of course, is symbolized by the bull.  Mitchell found that those born under the Taurus Sun sign had a 128% greater chance of winning medals in these competitions than the average athlete.

Mitchell also discovered that Taurus athletes born in 1985-1987 won 21 medals instead of the expected 8.5, a 200,000 to 1 event.  During this period Neptune was in Capricorn (which is trine, or harmoniously aspecting, Taurus) and it was sextile Pluto in Scorpio (opposing Taurus).

Geminis excelled in sports that required team players (the twins are always striving to complete themselves), but Cancers followed the trends of the general population of athletes and showed no statistical variations in any field.  Leos excelled in sports where they could compete as individuals rather than teams, which we would expect because of the need for Leo to express one’s individual Self.

Virgos excelled in skiing competitions, sprinting and hurdles – sports needing a great deal of discipline.  Mitchell notes that the fast reflexes required by these sports are not known to be a Virgo characteristic, but I would argue that because Virgo tends to be more comfortable in the body than other signs this would make sense.

Gymnastic competitions that require balance were the strength of Libra, which is surprising because I have 3 planets myself and was terrified of the balance beam.  Maybe it’s Saturn conjunct my Libra Sun square Uranus.  At any rate, Mitchell’s data reports that Librans are also better able than other signs to curve a ball, such as in curling, cricket and soccer.  I must say that I am at a loss to explain this, except perhaps that Libra’s aesthetic drive encourages a more creative sport.

Mitchell’s research on Scorpios was interesting – he expected them to excel at fencing but instead they performed at an INFERIOR level.  Scorpios did, however, score at odds of 1 in 100,000 in the sabre competitions.  Mitchell notes that the sabre competitions involve more footwork and less bladework than fencing, and compares this to the scorpion whose mating dance tends to mesmerize the captive into submission.  Just like the Scorpio personality!

The Sagittarians scored lower in archery competition than other athletes which went against Mitchell’s expectations until he discovered that the Sagitarii were horse archers, so he began looking at athletes whose success depending on accurate hitting of a target – basketball.  And sure enough, he found a statistical correlation here, as well as in relays where a baton was passed.

Mitchell combines Capricorn and Aquarius since both are ruled by Saturn; however, he misses some of the subtleties of the two signs.  Capricorn follows the rules and is doggedly disciplined, whereas Aquarius is the innovator and seeks change under its modern rulership by Uranus.  Capricorns dominate boxing and badminton, whereas Aquarians are the volleyball experts.  Boxing of course is very physical, appropriate for the earthiness of Capricorn.  In badminton it is the shuttlecock that sails through the air, but in volleyball the players are in the air, very appropriate for the air sign Aquarius.

I looked to see what the skeptics were saying to throw the kibosh on this well-defined data, and I did find one article which says basically ok, so what.  Correlation doesn’t imply causation.  In my view, scientists can really prove very little about the world that we live in.  Can it be proven that we love the people in our lives?  Can it be proven that it will rain tomorrow?  Can it be proven that animals have feelings?

With this study we come closer than we ever have to seeing actual correlations between astrology and success in various fields.  As one reader wrote, just imagine if the rest of the birth chart is considered as well!

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