Ever since Mercury turned direct at the end of February, we have had no planets retrograde which means two steps forward MEANS two steps forward, and not several steps sprinkled with backsliding to reverse our efforts. Pluto turns retrograde on April 27th, but its motion has been very slow, traveling less than a degree since the end of February.  It’s virtually stationary in the sky, shining its Plutonic laser beam of volcanic and creative destruction which is really the reflection of Divine intelligence – the wisdom of nature to strive for balance and destroy that which doesn’t fit into the plan.

When Pluto is stationary its influence can be more potent, especially if it is hitting something sensitive in our own charts.  Pluto is finishing up its journey through Capricorn, so any areas where the structures or infrastructure on which we build our lives are weak will be under threat.  This is a time to shore up defenses, and be practical as well build a strong foundation from which to spring into action.

It will be early July before Pluto, traveling retrograde, begins to pick up speed so this is a fairly long-term influence that requires us to learn to surrender when the force of the power of change and transformation becomes too great to resist, and to find the inner strength to empower ourselves to fulfill our highest destiny.  If that sounds like a tightrope ride it certainly can be – a Zen koan of power and surrender in a unified field of divine wisdom. But in the end the gift of Pluto is no less than a deep understanding of the gift of life itself. ❤️

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