The exact alignment of the Sun and Moon in Taurus (see yesterday’s post if you missed it) culminates this afternoon at 3 pm EDT/7 pm GMT with a burst of energy for a new beginning.  The solilunar cycle takes us through all twelve zodiacal experiences, beginning with each New Moon.  Today we begin the Taurean adventure into a grounded connection with the Earth and all of the pleasures offered here.  Delicious foods, tactile enjoyment of hugs and fine fabrics, a sense of comfort and security are the gifts of Taurus and today begins a new cycle in which we seek to incorporate these joys into our own lives.

There is a bit of a rough start though, with Mars in Cancer squaring Chiron in Aries.  There is a bit of a double whammy here, because Chiron in Aries is ruled by Mars, and here they are squaring off for battle.  Mars is our independent streak, the part of us which craves excitement and action and is willing to fight for what matters to us.  Mars is in Cancer now, where the aggressive energies are dampened by the watery feelings of Cancer – it becomes more difficult to face hard situations directly and there is more of a passive aggressive way of handling problems.  With Mars squaring Chiron for a day or two everyone’s feelings are more easily hurt; old wounds are easily triggered and a harsh word can cut more deeply.

If we approach this with consciousness and compassion, we can find ourselves releasing an old feeling or pattern which has lingered for years, helping us to clean the slate and make a new start under the New Moon.

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