A lunar eclipse is a significant event, and when it is a total eclipse AND a SuperMoon (meaning closest to Earth) it has the potential to be quite powerful.  A lunar eclipse involves a conjunction of the Sun and Moon to the lunar nodes, the points that take us from the past to the future, so there is always a sense of something fated – a meeting perhaps, or even just an awakening of something within us which we have not previously recognized or which can help us to re-imagine situations in our life that may be difficult.

The astrology of the May 26 2021 lunar eclipse

The lunar eclipse on May 26, 2021 occurs at the Sagittarius Full Moon – the expansiveness and desire to reach new heights of meaning and understanding dominate the energies of the eclipse.  Not only is Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, tightly aspecting both the Sun and Moon to bring out a peak experience of some kinds, but the fact that the event is a SuperMoon as well – the Moon is at its closest point to Earth (perigee) and appears gigantic and red.  This is such a powerful metaphor to help us to wake up to the call of the soul, which is really the domain of the Moon.

The astrological chart for this eclipse also contains the square from Saturn (structure and social order) to Uranus (radical change and rebellion) which is the story of 2021 so the expansive potential of the eclipse could drive a burst of revolutionary behavior and activity.  Mars, planet of war and action, is in Cancer right now where it can be cranky and emotionally sensitive (not a happy place for Mars to begin with) and Mars is nearing an opposition aspect to Pluto which can lead to major conflicts but also a tremendous amount of creative power.

The energies of this eclipse are indeed intense!  But rather than fear these energies we can welcome the opportunity to clear out the cobwebs and the old stuff from the basement of the psyche, and adopt a receptivity to the new energies which await us. Sagittarius teaches confidence and trust in Life itself – under its Jupiterian optimism we expect the best outcome and are therefore more easily able to achieve it.

To prepare for this eclipse, we may want to take a close look at our lives and see where expansion is needed.  Where have we become too limited in our attitudes, or too fearful?  Where have we closed a door to opportunity?  What new and expansive experiences would we like to develop the courage to try?  At any stage of our lives we can always grow in new ways, and that is the lesson of this Sagittarius lunar eclipse.

Click here for an article and maps with the locations where the eclipse will be visible. 

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