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(Did you miss yesterday’s post on the eclipse? Catch up here.)  Technically the exact eclipse degree culminated this morning at 7:13 am EDT/11:13 am UTC, but the effect of an eclipse can linger for a few days.  Not everyone experiences eclipses in the same way, and we don’t experience eclipses the same way each time.  So much depends on the degree of subconscious material that is ready to emerge, and we can’t always tell what that will be until the time comes!  Here in my house there was quite a bit of subconscious debris that emerged and I don’t mind telling you it wasn’t pretty.  But with that debris swept away, the new growth is emerging and that is so beautiful.

Today we will begin to shed these energies and integrate them in a more conscious way.  The Moon completes the eclipse process by transiting over the South Node of the past, the point at which we release those old patterns and continue the evolutionary shifts.  This occurs in the afternoon EDT/evening UTC, followed by harmonious aspects from the Moon to both Chiron and Saturn to help facilitate the healing process (Chiron) and the rebuilding and reorganization (Saturn) with new plans in place to support the energetic shifts.  This entire process may be so subtle we don’t even notice, or it may be more significant – either way, the effect of an eclipse can last a few days.  If there are changes you’ve been wanting to make, this is the perfect time! ❤️

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