art by Daniela Zekina

The skies are flooded with energies from the mental realm today. We have a strong square aspect from Mercury in Taurus to Jupiter in Aquarius, a stubborn combination of fixed ideas and the potential for everyone to want to be right. Watch for arguments and disagreements, as well as a heightened level of conversation generally under that Jupiterian expansion. The Moon is in Aquarius today, facilitating a rational perspective using the powers of reason. However, that pesky Mars in Cancer suggests a rumbling of emotionality lurking beneath the surface, ready to emerge at a moment’s notice.

A square from the Sun in Taurus to Saturn in Aquarius could make taking action more difficult for a day or so. There are a lot of ideas floating about with no real way to implement them. Later today Mercury will enter its own sign of Gemini which will activate our curiosity and hunger to try new things, adding even more of the Air element into the equation. When we spend too much time in our minds we can become very ungrounded, especially with these planetary energies today. Taking some time today to take a few breaths and relax the nervous system is advisable! 歹

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