art by Nastia Kamentseva

Gemini is a shapeshifter and easily modifies obstacles and helps to activate the mind to embrace experiences that change us.  Ruled by Mercury, it encourages us to shift the way we perceive our own lives through experiencing our lives through the perceptions of others.  When the planet Mercury travels through Gemini where it is particularly at home, there is more fluidity and flexibility in our thoughts and actions.  There is less of a focused attention on details, and more of an open-minded approach to the occurrences going on all around us.  These planetary phases affect all of us to some degree – Gemini is currently the lens through which information is processed generally right now no matter where Mercury is in your own chart.

Mercury will remain in Gemini for a longer period than usual since it turns retrograde on May 29th and retraces its steps before turning direct again and completing its journey through Gemini on July 11th.  Because Mercury is so comfortable in Gemini, this retrograde period will likely not be that difficult.  The sign of the twins is easily able to hold several viewpoints at once! Flexibility and adaptability are the hallmark of the Gemini experience, so plan accordingly and you will likely find a flood of new ideas, thoughts, and imaginings of the world await you. ❤️

note: I couldn’t find a website for this artist but I did find this article about her. Run it through Google translate! 


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