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If you missed yesterday’s post on the Gemini Solar Eclipse you can catch up here. 

The solar eclipse occurred this morning at 6:52 am EDT (please adjust for your location), but the effects will continue to linger for several days.  This eclipse is loaded with the effect of Mercury – the planet of thought and communication.  Mercury is said to rule the “small mind” – not in terms of being inferior in any way, but Mercury deals with matters of the personal.  What are we thinking, how do we share that information, what can we learn and how does our mind work – these are all facets of the Mercury influence.  This solar eclipse is in the sign of Gemini which is ruled by Mercury.  The Sun and Moon are both conjunct Mercury.  Mercury is retrograde and close to the Earth.

Mercury requires a pretty sharp focus in order to perform optimally, and when it is retrograde that focus can be harder to pin down.  That’s not helped by the fact that the Sun, Moon and Mercury are all being squared by Neptune today.  Neptune is a transformational planet of mystical inspiration and soulful discovery – it has no interest in the mundane affairs that are Mercury’s domain, and a strong Neptune influence tends to pull our attention beyond the ordinary towards the infinite realm of possibility and magic. Consequently this is not the best day to make an important decision if you can avoid it – instead, we can use this expansive quality  to open our minds to new ways of thinking about our world and how we live in it. ❤️

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