art by Holly Sierra

When the Moon is in Virgo there is always a sense of reorganization, and with Mercury retrograde now, this reorganization will likely involve the re-doing of something you thought was already complete.  The force for stability and structure (Saturn) is conflicting right now with the force for revolution and change (Uranus), and this planetary aspect will remain strong for the next week or two.  Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and the principle of sorting through ideas and assembling them into a cohesive shape is highlighted today.

The Moon will form a trine to Uranus later in the evening EDT which will help to facilitate the sense of freedom and the download of new ideas, but even before this awakening we can take this time to explore new possibilities and expanded potential. The Moon in its waxing phase is fortuitous for growth of all kinds, and the Virgo Moon will help us to plant the seeds.

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