art by Burgandy Viscosi

It will be interesting to hear from you all how the next few days unfold.  Mars is in Cancer where it can be cranky – Mars needs some fire or air to be able to clearly express needs and desires, and in Cancer it can get bogged down in emotions.  There is virtually no fire in the skies right now other than Chiron in Aries which is bringing out any wounds relating to an inability to meet our longings.  On top of this, Mars forms a challenging square to Eris (planet of discord) today so we can expect the unexpected.  We have been watching the unfolding drama of the Icelandic volcano over the past week, and this slow slide of burning lava is really resonating with the current astrological picture!

On the other hand, today the Gemini Sun, curious and open-minded, harmonizes with Chiron to facilitate an easier emergence of understanding that can help to heal any wounds that may arise.  Today is a good day to engage the intellect and to find a therapeutic connection in our communication with others. The Pisces Moon encourages us to seek a peaceful middle ground, the harmonious center in which we can most clearly see the best way forward. ❤️

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