It’s not always easy to open the heart, especially if we have been hurt or damaged in some way, or undergoing a transit of Saturn which can lead us easily into negative thinking, or if we lack trust, or if we are fearful of change.  There are many reasons keeping us from being able to soften around the heart and allow love to flow in and out, but there is one good reason to do so:  It’s the very reason that we are incarnated on the Earth.  If like me you have trouble in this area, today is our day under Venus in Cancer in a harmonious trine to Neptune in Pisces.

The Moon is in Cancer today giving us more direct access to our emotions and feelings, and while the Moon will activate the challenging square from Saturn to Uranus early in the day, evoking some unsettled feelings and minor disturbances, the Moon will also activate this beautiful trine from Venus to Neptune later in the day which is the perfect time to attend to the heart and loosen the bonds that have hardened over time.  If it resonates with you, a visualization of a golden light in the heart that emanates to all around us would be a beautiful thing to bring into this day. ❤️

Friends, I am traveling until July 1 and will not be posting every day during that time.  You can follow my adventures on Instagram if you like!


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